AM 8th Grade Exploring Personal Character & Careers
Hope Middle School, Buiness Education Business Education Teacher
Welcome to Exploring Personal Character & Careers

Lessons & Assignments for week of September 26th

*Monday- Personality and Learning Style Assessments.
* Tuesday - Work on 1.02 Personality Project. Learning Style Assessments.
* Wednesday -Work on 1.02 Personality Project. page 13 Review Quizzes
* Thursday - 1.02 Test. Microtype Lessons. Lumosity
* Friday - Create CFNC Account. Complete Career Cluster Survey. Complete Interest Survey.

My Quia activities and quizzes
Learning Styles Study Techniques
A Look At Me
Objective 1.01 All About You
Learning Styles Basics
Personality and Careers
Learning Styles Review
ECD 1.02 Learning Styles Quiz
CD 1.02 - Exp Career Decisions Quiz
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