Beginning English Language
Lakewood High Spanish Teacher
Usa las siguientes actividades para practicar y mejorar lo que has aprendido en la clase o para aprender algo nuevo.

Use the following activities to practice and to improve what you have learned in class or to learn something new.
My Quia activities and quizzes
Greetings - Saludos
Numbers 1-20 for ESL: make a picture!
NUMBERS (spelling)
Telling Time in both words and numbers
To be: affirmative, negative with contractions
100 Basic Verbs - ESL
The verb "to be" present tense
Simple Present Tense Verbs Practice
Do or Does? - yes/no questions
Do/Does Questions
Present Tense Everyday Verbs
Present Tense Subject-Verb Agreement - Review
There is / there are (hay)
English Green Line 1 Unit 3 Present Simple and Progressive
Sight Words
CHAPTER TWO: The verb "to be" present tense
1-05 fill-in the blanks: "be" in the present - contractions vs. no contractions
Present Continuous - verb recognition
Simple Present vs. Present Continuous - expressions and examples
Simple Present vs. Present Continuous - fill in and pop up
Alma #2: paragraphs
Alma #2: Part 1 - Correct order
Alma #2: Part 2 - Correct Order
breakfast and lunch foods
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