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Bienvenidos (Welcome) to a new school year, 2016-2017

I create games for you so you can learn colors, numbers and more through different games. I am very happy you are visiting my quia site. Play matching, concentration, word search, hangman, rags to riches and more.

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Señora Valencia
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My Quia activities and quizzes
(1st. 2nd. gr.)Numbers from 0 to 15 -Audio
1st and 2nd gr Numbers from 0 to 20 -Audio
3rd. gr. Los días de la semana / Days of the Week
3rd gr Días de la Semana
3rd gr Los días de la semana / Days of the Week
(ías de la semana (Days of the week)
(3rd gr.) Días de la semana (Days of the week)
(3rd. gr.) practice numbers, colors and greetings
4th gr basic questions
(3rd. gr.) Numbers to 39
( Los números hasta 30 (numbers to 30).
(3rd gr) El cuerpo (body)
(2nd. 3rd gr.) números 0-20-unscramble word
4th. 5th. 6th. questions
(4th gr) practice greetings, numbers to 50 ,days, color
(4th. grade) Questions 4th. graders should understand
( Números hasta 100
5th gr Test Practice Adjetivos
5th. gr Test practice Adjetivos -hangman 2014
(5th. gr.) Adjetivos
(5th. gr.) Adjetivos 1/verbo ser (2010)
(5th. gr.) Adjetivos (masculino, femenino, singular, plural)
( Verbos ___ar
( Verbos ___ar
( verbos challenge (_ar, _er, _ir, ser, tener).
( Verbos __ar (more challenge)
6th -ar-er-ir verbs infinitive
(4th gr) La ropa de colores
(4th gr) La ropa (clothing).
(4th gr) La ropa de colores (color clothes)
3rd gr. Animales
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