Here are three examples of how some people have misused the computer

Here are three examples of how some people have misused the computer.  As you read each one, decide whether or not you think there should be a law or rule that applies to the situation.  Do you think the person behaved ethically or unethically?  Were there actions legal or illegal?


1.  A teenage girl keeps her "diary" on a computer disk.  One afternoon, her ten-year-old brother sneaks into her room, loads the "diary program," and reads his sister’s private information.

2.  John is on the staff of his school newspaper.  He needs some information that another staff member, named Alice, has stored on her personal disk.  Alice, however, is home sick.  "I know her password for the disk," John thinks to himself.  "It won’t hurt if I look through the files she has on the disk to find the information I need."

3.  A young girl hears about a terrific new adventure game for her computer, but she can not afford to buy it.  A friend of hers already has the program.  He says he will make a copy of it and sell it to her for half-price. She takes him up on the offer.

Think about each of these situations.  Should the ten-year-old boy’s actions be considered a crime?  Is it all right for the reporter to look through someone’s files for information he "must have"?  Is it wrong for the girl to buy the copy of the adventure game?  What about the boy who sells it to her?  Is he in the wrong?

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