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Pokémon Fanfics and Other

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Newest Editions

Finally Captured Part 1
Finally Captured Part 2

| Author: |
| Official MSD Fanfic Writer |

Pokemon: The New Journey- Chapter 18
By: Arbok2000

Last time James and Chason defeated Koga the gym leader.
When all of a sudden Chason's Squirtle evolved into Wartortle.
They then caught a Lapras and headed to Seafoam islands when they found
     the bird known as Articuno! Charmander used Flamethrower which let
them catch Articuno. Then Charmander evolved into Charmeleon!

                            The rage of Magmar!    

The two boys are now in Cinabar .  " Hey ,James lets head for the Pokemon center first" said Chason.  "Ok ! " said James.    They both get there Pokemon healed.


Chason and I got are Pokemon healed.  First we went to the Restaurant to get
some food for us both and the Pokemon. We both looked at the map.
 "Gees where is this gym!" I asked anxiously. " Well it on the map it shows a lodge nearby." said Chason. We then saw a big Gyrados statue.
  I accidently made it move, when a big door opened.  "Its the gym!" we both said.
" Looks like you know where the gym is" said a man. "You must be Blaine" Chason said.  "Yes I'm Blaine" said Blaine. He knew right away what we were here for.
 They both battled with each other for a long time.
       "Must be some powerful Pokemon to withstand Chason's Wartortle."
I thought to myself. Boom!  Chason won!  He received the badge.
        "My turn!" , I said. "Go Magmar!" shouted Blaine.
" Lets Go Charmeleon!", I said.  "Meleon!" said Charmeleon while getting out of the Pokeball .   "Use Fireblast !" said Blaine. Charmeleon used his tail to deflect the
blast. Magmar kicked Charmeleon!  Magmar taunted Charmeleon by spraying
fire at Charmeleon. Charmeleon was about to get up when Magmar used Fire Punch
right at Charmeleon. Then followed off with Fire Blast which blew Charmeleon right
off the gym platform. "No Charmeleon!" I yelled as he fell in the lava pit.
   He disapeared in the lava. Blained laughed. "You lose totally and you also lost your Pokemon at the same time" said Blaine.
          When all of a sudden a big Pokemon bursted out of the pit still glowing from
evolving. "Charizard: a Pokemon that is evolved from Charmeleon this Pokemon can
be hard to handle" said my Pokedex    "Charmeleon evolved into Charizard!" I  yelled.
    "Charizard use Seisamic toss!" I commanded.
Charizard grabbed Magmar and flew out of the Volcano he started spining around
and around  "till  Magmar was dizzy. Then he threw Magmar right back down the gym. "Impossible! You won against Magmar. Heres the Volcano badge for
your victory." said Blaine. I returned Charizard who was realy tired from all of what happend.  "Go to Viridian to try to get the Earthbadge you two! I believe with your excelence you both will go far!' said Blaine. We both headed for Viridian.

                   TO BE CONTINUED...

Title: The battle between Ash and Riche at pokemon league  
By Jabba2785
By Joshua Kaye

At pokemon league,Ash is waiting to see who he is battling befor the last one is.He is waiting and waiting until he sees who it is,it is his new freind,Riche.Ash is watching Gary lose and gary does!!!!SO when Gary loses,Everyone in pallit town is routing for Ash,not Gary.It is Ash's turn to battle.Ash is the green trianor and Riche is the red trainor.The guy is saying"let the match begin".So Ash's first pokemon is Muk.Riche's first pokemon is charmander.Charmander uses Fire spin and Muk did'nt get hurt that much.Muk uses body slam.First round knock out.Muk is the winner.So Riche's 2nd pokemon is Butterfree.Butterfree uses sleep powder.Muk is asleep.Butterfree uses whirlwind and Muk loses.Butterfree is the winner.Ash's 2nd pokemon is Charizard.Charizard uses slash and Butterfree got hurt bad and Butterfree uses stun spore.Missed Charizard.Charizard uses fire spin. Butterfree loses.Charizard is the winner.Riche's 3rd pokemon is Pikachu(Sparky).Sparky uses thunder and Charizard lost.Sparky is the winner.Ash's 3rd pokemon is Pikachu.Pikachu uses thunderbolt.So does Sparky.Pikachu uses thunder and Sparky loses.Pikachu is the winner.The green trainor wins!!!! Yeah said Ash.So who will be Ash's next battle?

Summer Fun
By: Princess Misty/Kerihana

Pixie Hotaru Sora Chibi USA Mimi-12
TK and Chibi-Chibi-9 (chibi chibi can speak real words)
Holly and Misty- 13
Brock and Mamoru-17
Usagi and the Inners Senshi-15
Setsuna and the Outer Senshi-16
*The Pixie In This Story Is Me Not the one in Monster Rancher
with wings and all.*

Summer Fun Chapter One:

Pixie Hotaru Sora Mimi and Chibi-USA: Wow!
Ash,Genki,Tai,Matt,Sammy,Izzy,Joe: Cool!
The inner senshi: Its Beautiful!
The outer senshi: I love it!
Holly and Misty: Let's Hit The Beach!
Brock and Mamoru: Okay?
Tk and Chibi Chibi: This is wicked cool!!

Pixie: I wanna go to the mall!!
Mimi: Yeah! and get some new clothes!
Sora: Maybe a soccer ball! Do they have a soccer field?
Chibi USA: candy!

Setsuna: Come on Hotaru let's go. Come with us.
Hotaru: Sorry guys.
P M S C: its okay! see ya!

Pixie: The mall?
Mimi, Sora, and Chibi USA: Yeah!

::They run to the mall::

Genki: So...what's so good about this place??
Ash: I dunno. Didn't Misty and the girls pick it?
Tai: Yea. except for sora and the others.
Sammy: Video Arcade??
Izzy: What about a computer lab?
Joe: ::falls down::

::everyone sweatdrops::

Genki: Hey excuse me do you have a video arcade??
Guy: I don't know I don't work here.
Genki: ::sweatdrop:: Oh well bye.

Ash: Hey Misty is there anything for us boys to do?
Misty: I don't know I'm talkin' to Holly go figure. ::turns to holly::
so...they said that....

Ash: No luck with Misty.
Matt: Let's walk around and see what to do.
Tai: That's at least a thing to do let's go.
Sammy: You guys play basketball??
everyone else: Yeah.
Sammy: I saw a basketball court that way ::points:: let's play!
everyone: Okay!

::they go to the basketball court::

Misty:Let's hit the beach!
The Inners: Okay!
Holly: Let's go get our stuff!
Misty and the Inners: okay!

::they go::

Brock: I'm gonna find a nurse joy!

::chibi-chibi and tk fall animestyle::

Chibi-Chibi: So what do you wanna do?
Tk: Dunno.
Chibi-Chibi: Let's go with Pixie and the other girls?
Tk: sure. i guess.

::they go::

::In the mall..::

Mimi: Check out this pretty party dress! ::pulls out a pink dress::
Pixie:  Its okay but check out this cool lavender one! ::pulls it out::
Mimi: You're right its great!!
Pixie: But this one is way cuter! ::Takes out a sky blue skirt with a  matching skirt::
Mimi: Love it!

::Ash Genki Tai Matt Sammy Izzy and Joe Pass By::

Tai and Ash: They're real fashion victims…..

::they sweatdrop and go out of the scene::

Chibi usa: Look at all these cute dolls!!
Sora: Look at this soccer accessory set!

::Sora Chibi usa Pixie and Mimi meet carrying their items::
Pixie: I'm gonna buy this cute skirt set!
Chibi usa: I'm gonna buy these dollies!
Sora: I'm getting this soccer accessory set!
Mimi: I'm getting this party dress with a matching backpack!

::They see Ash Tai Genki and Matt Pass By::

Mimi: Hey guys can you buy this stuff for us??
Pixie: Yeah….
Chibi Usa and Sora: Please……

::twinkling their eyes….::

::Ash Tai Genki and Matt sweatdrop::

A T G and M: Oh alright….

::Pixie Mimi Chibi usa and Sora hug them::

Pixie: (whispering to the other girls) that was easy…….*snicker*
Mimi: we're good….
Sora: real good!
Chibi usa: Yup!

Chibi-Chibi: there you are!
Tk: Hi Sora!
Sora: Hi Tk!
Pixie: (whispers) Looks like his bro.
Sora: I know doesn't he?

Genki Ash Tai Matt: Here's your stuff…….
Pixie Mimi Sora Chibi usa: Thankies Bunchies!
Genki Ash Tai Matt: your welcome……..

::They get out of scene::

Pixie: Can you believe I got my skirt set?
Mimi: They could treat us like princesses if we wanted to!
Pixie: You have a great idea! Sora, ya up for it?
Sora: all with ya!
Chibi usa: me too!

::They run to their hotel room::

Chibi Chibi: You spoiled brats wait for us!!
Tk: That wasn't too nice.
Chibi Chibi: Did we get presents from Ash Genki Your Brother and Tai?
Tk: No.
Chibi Chibi: Then was it nice?

::They go to follow pixie mimi sora and chibi usa::

::On the beach::

Makoto: This is nice…..
Minako: You said it Makoto-chan.
Misty: told ya guys this was gonna be a blast.
Holly: This is so much better than walking around with genki and the others.
Raye: The sun!
Ami: I feel much more relaxed.
Misty: Later let's go play something.
Everyone else: okay!

::In the restaurant::

Mamoru: Usa-ko um…let's go!
Usagi: No…I'm still eating my pudding!
Mamoru: We've been here three straight hours please let's go!
Usagi: No.
Mamoru: I'll buy you something at the mall?
Usgai: Let's go!

::They run to the mall::

::Chibi chibi and Tk::
Chibi Chibi: ::sigh:: WHEN WILL WE EVER CATCH UP?
Tk: I don't know…they seem fast to me.
Chibi Chibi: You're right Tk. Let's take a short cut….::grabs a little bell::
Tk: What's that?
Chibi Chibi: Chibi Usa's twinkle bell….
Tk: wha? That's not yours?
Chibi Chibi: no but it calls this unicorn called helios he can get us anywhere! ::rings the bell::

::Helios appears::

Chibi Chibi: Helios, can you take us to Chibi usa?
Helios: At your service.
Chibi Chibi: ::hops on and grab's Tk's hand:: c'mon.
Tk: Okay!

::They fly off::

::in the middle of the beach's bay waters::


::pixie (me): ::sweat drop:: oh my……::

Misty: Did you girls hear something?
Holly: Sounded Like Brock?
Misty: Yeah.
Holly: I heard it.
Raye: I think I did too.
Minako: Yup.
Makoto: Yupies.

Chibi-Chibi: Tk. Did you hear brock?
Tk: Yeah.
Chibi-Chibi: Wonder why he was shouting.
~~End Chapter One~~
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Ash's World

By: Princess Misty (in this story "Me" and "Chibi Princess")

Type: Attempted Comedy

send comments, ideas for aamrns and comedy (I'd appreciate that), and whatever to: or

Chapter One: What does he think of Misty?
Narrator (Me!): "Well let's just say Ash Ketchum doesn't show his true feelings for Misty. He has second thoughts about that girl." Ash has a mad face "What the heck are you talking about!" Me: "Geeze kid! Let me get on with this chapter!" Ash looks at me in annoyance "Fine Ms. Princess Girl get on with this." Narrator: "Sure, Sure Ashy boy. (Ain't he cute?) Anyway * sweatdrop * Ash does have second thoughts about Misty. He even dreams about her! Talk about Love!" Ash looks at me again with annoyance. Me: "Alright, alright Ashy Boy I'll try to stop with the love. But HOW DO YOU EXPECT ME TO SAY HOW YOU THINK ABOUT MISTY?! Excuse me." Ash looks at me "Just do this chapter." Me: "Well, for your info it would be nice to have someone think about me the way you think about Misty!" Ash looks with a smirk "You're Jealous Aren't you?" Me: "Why I oughta! But I can't so I 'll just leave it." Ash looks with a smile "Ah……You are Jealous!" Me: "I am not jealous. Let me do this already!" Ash: "Fine. I'll take this with you later Princess Jealousy!" Me: "Forget you. Well now let's do this. Ash, has feelings for Misty as I said that he never shows. Like Love! He's loved her since he saw her show up at the Pokemon Center in Viridian. He really does care about her. Honestly! You should see this notebook he writes in! (Grabs a Black Notebook out of her blue bag and waves it around.) Free For All come and see!" Ash has a sweatdrop going down the back of his head "You're not supposed to show that!" Me: "Why shouldn't I?" Ash: "That thing is personal! Gimme that!" (Grabs the notebook out of my hand.) Me: "Forget it. Anyway besides the notebook he….." (Ash's hand goes over my mouth) Ash: "Ha, We have some explaining to do Princess." Me: "Let Go!" Ash: "Not Now!" Me: "C'mon Ash!" Ash: (Still trying to cover my mouth) Princess Girl, we have to go over the boundary lines of my life right now!" Me: "Hey! I have a right of speech! (Grabs the constitution from the year it is being written.) See, I have a right of speech. That means I can say whatever I want." Ash: "So what this is not the United States we're in it's a fanfic land!" Me: "Who cares. The Constitution works everywhere." Ash: (grabs the constitution) Let's see. Look Down here, "Notice: These rights such as freedom of speech do not apply in Fan Fiction Land."
Me: "Just when I had it good. Lemme see that. (reads the constitution.) A Hah! Found it! "2nd notice: the freedom of speech right applies to fan fiction land if and only if the person who is using the right is very responsible." Ash: "You? Responsible? That's the funniest thing I ever heard! How about now when you haven't fed your fish for how many months?" Me: "Well, They're still alive that's all that counts." Ash: "Well then, I don't care about your fish and I want to just sit so go on with your story. * Yawn *" Me: "Thank You! * ahem * besides the notebook there is, (Ash is on his knees LOL! I'm sorry to make such a cute anime character suffer.) What is there anyway? Let me  think, I went through the notebook, the feelings that are never shown, what else is there? Oh yeah! You should see his computer screen saver, its Misty all over it! (I'm sorry I don't want to make Ash suffer!) * He's cute aint' he? *

Ash: Why'd ya do that? Me: Like a computer thingy is important? Ash: Duh! Its personal! Me: A computer screen saver is a computer screen saver or thingy. What's the diff? Ash: Mine is Misty on it. Me: Who cares its not like anybody goes into your room and uses it. Ash: That's right Princess Girl. But what if…My mom goes on the computer? Me: That's another story.

Chapter Two: Life Before Misty Showed Up

Me: Yet, another interesting subject to talk about! No Interruptions this time! (smirk) Ash is gone to nap at his grandma's house! I'm alone and I can have my little chapters without bother. Misty: Hiya! (Since Misty is now here I don't want too much M's so I'll say Chibi Princess as my name) Chibi Princess: Hi. Misty: You don't seem too thrilled to have Me in this chapter. Chibi Princess: Look, can you just sit back and listen to Ash's Life Before You? Misty: Before Me? What are you talkin' about? Chibi Princess: (Geeze) Just listen to what I have to say. "Before Misty, Ash had a life of well sadness and stuff. Let me explain this to you. He had a crush three months before he got his pokemon license and before he met you, Misty. The crush was on a girl named Merissa who was what Ash thought was beautiful. He told her how he felt and everything one unsuspecting day and Poof everything blew up in smoke. Ash was heartbroken and was real depressed. He hadn't eaten for about 3 weeks, nearly a month. Talk about depressed. Then something else happened. Ash's first best friend he had ever since he got to pallet town had moved away." Misty: Hold Up Chibi Princess Girl. Chibi Princess: (Why does everyone say princess girl?) What? Misty: You mean to tell me that an annoying kid like Ash Ketchum can be depressed? Chibi Princess: Duh everyone gets depressed. Misty: Not me. Chibi Princess: (Yeah Right) Can I go on? (Misty is one of my fave charecters but I don't mean to be mean) Misty: Go ahead. Chibi Princess: "Our story begins again from when Ash's best friend moved away. I believe it was the only friend he had ever had. (After Gary and him started fighting and his first friend when Ash arrived in pallet town.) Yellow was Ash's first ever friend. Yellow was the only person who understood how Ash was feeling. Hard to believe but Yellow was a girl. Yellow always was there when Ash had a problem. She was like a girlfriend but they weren't like that just two friends. There were many times that Yellow saved Ash's neck by making excuses. Like when a brass pokeball broke that belonged to her older brother she told him "That rattata ran in here and broke it." That's what I mean. She was kind of like an older sister to Ash. Not really because she was only one month older." Misty: "Wait a sec. Ash have a friend that's a girl that's his best friend? Chibi Princess: "Yes, now let me finish." Misty: "Go." Chibi Princess: "After Yellow moved away Ash had nobody to talk to. But he always did remember when Yellow helped him through his depression time. Ash was always depressed since the depression and when yellow moved away. When Ash was granted his Pokemon Trainers' License he felt happier and his depression went away. Ash, however dose still go through depression times though. There was more that happened but I don't want to spill all the beans before Ash gets a hold of me again." Misty: Well that was a sad story. Chibi Princess: Yes very emotional so are you going to go now? Misty: I'll stay for a while. Chibi Princess: (Oh No.)

Chapter Three: He's Back!

Ash: "Yawn. Mmmm….What? Hey Princess girl, how'd Misty get here?" Me: "Umm…..Well….she came here!" Ash: what? Why? Misty: "hi ash. I heard about your past. Don't worry I would know how you feel about yellow…….and your other past happenings." Ash: (turning red) "What? Yellow?…Princess Girl.." Me: "Yes…." Ash: "Get over here we have to talk!" Me: "No way! Not when you're going to do something to me!" Ash: "Ger over here or else!" Me: "Or else What?" Ash: "umm….I don't know!" Me: (sneaking off) "Hehe…bye!" Ash: (chasin' after me) "You aren't going anywhere! I know you know my whole life but that doesn't give you the permission to tell Misty and all that people who were listening!" Me: "Well, I didn't know! Why didn't you put a warning on your life and journal where you said….." Ash's hand is on my mouth. "Ya know I'm going to discuss something with Ms. Princess Girl at the moment so you can go now bye!"

The Lights Shut Down.

AAAHHH! Take that weedle away from me!!!!

Well, you deserve somethin' for spillin' my life!


How was it? ~~Princess  Misty

Sequel to:
The Diary of Misty Waterflower
The Journal of Ash Ketchum

title: A Broken Promise

as the three friends walk down a dusty trail they come across..........yep you guessed it another hole.
misty: get us out of here!! i hate holes!!
ash: geeze we'll get out of here misty we always do.
misty: whatever just get me out of here!
brock: stop fighting we need to get back up!
togepi: togi togi (just get me out)
pikachu: pi pika chu (yeah my fur is getting dirty)
ash: alright i'm.........UP!!
misty: grab me first!
ash: sure

misty's up and
misty: thank you
ash: your welcome

so yeah they all get out.

as they walk again on the dusty path they come across a girl......
she was about the same age as misty and her hair was long and brown. her eyes glistened in the sun and brock's mouth was hung open. ash's too. as for misty she just looked at the girl in discgust.

joan: hi i'm joan.
ash: hi...hi......hi.......hi.....
misty grabs a very big mallet and whacks ash
ash: ow!!
brock: hi nice to meet you joan could i interest you in dinner?
joan: umm.....of course.....
ash: misty, why did you whack me with that mallet??
misty: you staring at joan you lamebrain!
ash: misty, (grabs misty by the hands) i promise i won't have anything to do with joan.
misty: really?
ash: really

ash: that was nice
misty: yeah, i trust you ash don't break that promise......
ash: alrighty

brock: so joan where do you live?
joan: my own mansion near celedon grotto.
brock: let's go!
joan: alright

so yeah joan takes out her articuno and flies them to her mansion

while the ride

misty looks discgusted
ash is thinking about misty
brock about joan and nurse joy and officer jenny

joan: we're here!!
misty: i'm going to go visit erika at the gym c'ya

so yeah ash and joan are ALONE

as ash is checking his pokedex on a chair where joan too is sitting
joan leans closer closer closer and POOF their lips touch!!

but sadly misty walks through the door with some fragrances from the gym.......
and CRASH the bottles break and crack.......

ash: huh what?
ash: wat? (looks down) OH NO! misty misty its not what it looks like!
its not believe me!

she runs out the door with togepi.

ash: WAIT MISTY! oh great i'll never see her again
i lost her for good. she'll never come back to me.
joan: hey you you still got me ash.........

ash thinking: *i'll never feel the love i felt with misty with joan. misty is one of a kind.....
there's no girl like her. nobody can replace her soft lips and kiss.*

next day.........
(cockle doodle doooooooooo!)

misty was on the shoreline of saffron city.......(talk about running fast)
she stared at the majestic dark blue green sea..........thinking of ash (ain't it obvious)

misty's thoughts: *i can't believe he deceived me in front of my eyes! he lied how could he...... espcially to me! the girl who loves him. i can't trust him to love me back anymore.....with joan there he'll never care again. i miss him and his golden heart his deep black eyes and soft lips*

(me the author,misty of sea sapphire city.......just call me misty:
i'm too lazy to write all the pokemon language and captions alright so
i'll put it in english)

togepi: you don't feel good?
misty: nope not at all
togepi: miss ash?
misty: yeah of course
togepi: i'll go walk around you can think
misty: thank you.

at the pokemon center near joan's house

ash: brock what do i do she's gone forever
brock: you did break a promise and you know how emotional girls are.
and don't expect HER to come back you gotta do something.
pikachu: he's right!

at the shorline......

misty sighs.......*i wish ash would come i miss him*
a voice calls her name, a familiar voice

misty: huh? ASH!

ash: umm......hi i just came to say i'm these are for you

misty: red roses! how beautiful

ash: and this.....(Ash hands misty a locket.......shaped as a golden cascade badge and has ash's picture on one side and misty's on the other......)

misity: its beautiful! i love you!

behind a tree

pikachu: they were meant to be
togepi: they're so happy

misty: wait a sec, did you kiss her or did she.....
ash: she
misty: why i oughta

joan drops in

joan: oh hi misty hi ash!

misty has a big fat grin on her face


so yeah joan's gone........

misty: i love you
ash: i love you tooo.......

*big fat smackaroonie!*

brock: stop it you're trying to out do me and nurse joy!

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