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MewTwo'Z SquaDron Fanfic Contest

Members of MSQuadron, please vote

Defender of the Clefairy   Pokemon: The Adventure Continues   The Life of Sabrina  
The Secret of Silence Mountain   The Adventure   Finally Capture Part 1&2

This Fanfic was in my opinion one of the best. TOO LONG to view on this page so I redirected it to seperate ones. :)

Click HERE to view Finally Captured
Click HERE to view Finally Capture Part 2

Defender Of The Clefairy

By: Cong

Chapter One

A Dirty Deal

Unknown to Ash, Misty and Brock, the new Team Rocket members escaped from jail. Deciding to play it safe, and trying to get back in the boss's favor, Butch,Cassidy and Raticate called Jesse, James, and Meowth and asked for help.

"Why should we help YOU?" Jesse snorted. "You never helped US."

"You should help US because WE have a GOOD plan that is garunteed to work. And may I ask, have any of YOUR plans ever worked?" Cassidy retorted.

"She's right Jesse," James pleaded,"If we help them capture Pikachu we-"

"Pikachu?" Interupts Butch. "HAH! THAT'S why you always lose! Those pesky kids are getting too smart! We have to stay away from them! Pick another Pokémon to snatch, one in the wild. Maybe back at Mt. Moon? I hear there are plenty of Clefairy there. We could snatch them all!"

"Are you shore dat will woik?" Meowth asks.


"Okay, okay, I wuz just askin."

"But we're on Cinnibar Island. Mt. Moon is all the way back near Pewter City. It would take ages before we got anywhere near Mt. Moon. How are we supposed to get there?" Jesse inquires.

"This is how." replies Cassidy, revealing two Poké balls, which happened to be Master balls. Butch does likewise.

"We came across these Pokémon and just popped these four beatuies at them and poof! We now have four Fearows, each knowing the move FLY." Cassidy states, showing Jesse and James the answer.

"So we floi back tah Mt. Moon, throw a bunch of Poké balls at the helpless Clefairy, present 'dem tah the boss, and foinally win! Without dat stupid Pikachu!" Meowth concludes.


Cassidy puts a finger to her lips and smiles sweetly. "We must all act nice and get the fearows to trust us. They won't obey if we're mean. Er-hem." She and Butch release the Fearows and they come out squaking.

"Feeeaaaarrooooooow! Feeeaaarow!"

"Hush, hush, my sweet babies. It's okay, mommy's here." Cassidy starts to stroke the lead-Fearow's neck feathers. "It's okay, here have some food." She gives them all some food and they begin to settle down.

'What nice trainers,' the lead-fearow thought. 'I think we might just like them.'

"Now Fearows, you all know fly. Would it be a hassle if you flew us to Mt. Moon?" Cassidy asks.


"The boid, I mean, The lead-Fearow says It would be no problem." Meowth translates.

"Good Fearows! What marvelous birds! Tommorow morning we shall fly to MT. Moon!" Butch exclaims. "Now get some sleep."

Long after the Fearows and the new Team Rocket members are asleep, Jesse, James and Meowth lay awake whispering.

"Dis will actually woik! We'll foinally win!" Meowth excitedly whispers.

"And then, when the dumbo's who'll do the work for us have their heads turned, we'll snatch the Clefairy and take the credit for it!" Jesse whispers.

"Why would we want to do tha-at?" James whines.

"BECAUSE, the Boss will look at them and say,'Well done! here's a big reward!' and at US and say 'So, you finally did something right. No doubt they did all the work.' SEE?" she whispers testily.

"Oh, but-"

"Don't argue, just git sum sleep!" Meowth says.

Raticate was listening!

Chapter Two

Arrival At Mt. Moon

Jesse, James and Meowth woke to find themselves confronted with the Fearow's sharp beaks. "Feeeeeeeeeeeearow," the leader whispers.

"He sez we're bad trainers!" Meowth gulps.

"Bad trainers? Why does it think that?" Jesse asks.


"Oh no!" Meowth groans," Raticate heard everything we sed last night and then told dah Fearows! Now dah Fearows think we are being mean to their masters!"

"Rrrraaaaaaaaaticate! Rrrrat! Iii! cate!

"Raticate sez we gotta go along with the plan and NOT steal the Clefairy or the Fearows are gonna ¤gulp!¤ do us in!" Meowth translates.

"OOooooh-kaaay! We'll do everything you say!" Squeals James.

"RRrrrrati. Cate."

"Dat's Better." Meowth repeated in the human tounge.

"Yaaaaaaaaaawn!" Butch and Cassidy are starting to wake up.

"Raaaatii. Cate. Cate!" Raticate walks away towards its masters with the fearows struting behind, looking evily back at The old Team Rocket Members.

"What did the Raticate say?" James asks.

"`E said,'Now remember, Or else.'"

"Ready for the ride?" Cassidy calls cheerily.

Knowing they were being watched by Raticate and the Fearows, they nodded and smiled.

"Good. C'mon, Fearows, let's go to Mt. Moon." Butch commands, and each human boards a Fearow, with Jesse holding Meowth and Cassidy holding Raticate. "Let's go!" Butch yells, and off they go.

The Fearows flew fast, but it was a nice ride. They didn't even give the old Team Rocket a dirty look, let alone a bad flight, which was what they had expected.

When thy arrived at Mt. Moon they noticed lots of Clefairy's hopping about, unaware of Team Rocket. They felt safe ever since Ash and co. had defeated Team Rocket. They pranced freely around the Moon Stone (the Clefairy Moved it to the base of the mountain). Strange, though, There was not a Clefable in sight. They probably went off now that their enlarged wings gave them flying capabilities, thought Team Rocket.

"Clefairy, Clefairy, Clefairy, Clefairy!"

"Now do we set up lights insde the mountain so we can see?" asked James dumbly.

"No you idiot!" exclaimed Jesse. "We do our motto."

"Prepare for troub-"

"Shaddup you idiots! You'll let the Clefairy know we're here!" Meowth yells, a little to loud.

"Clefairy, Clefairy, Cle----faaaaiiiry?" Silence reigns throughout Mt. Moon.

Instead of screaming with rage, Cassidy directs them behind a large outcrop of rocks and gestures for silence. Then she told one of the Fearow to hop onto the rock, look injured (not badly, she didn't want the Clefairy to come over and try to help it) and then apologize to the Clefairy for being so loud. It did as it was told. The Clefairy go back to their playing and Team Rocket sets up camp. Cassidy acts as if nothing happened. She thanks the Fearow and then tells everyone to get some sleep. Tommorow they would catch the Clefairy.

Chapter three

Defender Of The Fairies

Morning comes and Raticate reminds Meowth by giving him a dirty look. Meowth notices and gulps. They walk out of camp simply to be ushered back in by Cassidy.

"We must create a shceme to capture the Clefairy! We can't go out there without a good plan." She said.

"You don't have a plan?" Jesse snorts.

"WEll we couldn't come up with a plan without seeing the layout of the place first. This is out first time at Mt. Moon. We need to see it and then formulate a plan." Butch replies.

"Okay. So, what's the plan?"

"We need to think about it, Jesse. We need your ideas."

"REALLY, Butch? You need OUR ideas??" James asks.

"Oh, but of course, James," says Cassidy. "We need to hear your ideas so we know which indeas NOT to use!"

"Hah-hah. Very, funny." Jesse says flatly. "So our plans fail sometimes. They're still good, but those KIDS keep intervening!"


"Shut-up, Meowth!"

"Nonetheless, we still need a plan. I say we scare them all into a corner and then throw these Master Balls at them. It's fair capture, we are'nt stealing them!"

"Good Idea, Cass. Now, who will scare them into a corner? And where's the corner? You, Fearow, when you where on the rock, did you see some small cave where all the Clefairy could fit in, but would be packed tight in?" Butch asked.

The Fearow paused a few seconds, thinking, then he remembered a small cave that would do perfectly. It nodded it's head.

"Meowth, go with the Fearow. It will show you where the cave is, and you will tell us." Cassidy said.

When Meowth and the Fearow got back, Meowth explained where the location of the cave was.

"Good!" Exclaimed cassidy. "Then we will position our Pokémon in a semi-circle around the cave. They will charge at my signal, and will herd the Clefairy into the cave. Then we will throw these Master Balls at the Clefairy and catch them!"

Late in the afternoon, after the Fearows, Raticate, Meowth, Arbok, Likitung, Weezing, and Victreebel were at their stations, Casidy gave each TR member a bag. "These contain Master Balls. You will throw them at the Clefairy when Meowth gives the second signal. Let's go!"

When Cassidy saw that everyone was in place, she yelled at the top of her lungs,"TEAM ROCKET!!!" The Pokémon charged the clefairy and they ran into the cave.


Meowth jumped in front and pointed at the huddled Clefairy.

"Now moi second chance to foinally get you Clefairy and that Moon stone!"

That was the signal! The Team Rocket members ran Forward with the bags of Master Balls, and then it hit.

BOOM! Something landed in front of the frightened Clefairy. Everyone stopped in their tracks. "Faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaable!" it growled.

The huge Clefable gave no mercy. Using the three attacks a wandering trainer had taught to it, plus one she had learned on her own, Clefable put them to sleep with Sing, froze them with Ice Beam, Weakened them with Psychic and smashed them with Body Slam.

Surprise, Surprise! A small mew climbed onto Clefable's head. "Mew!" It cried to the Clefable. Clefable nodded at her best fiend's suggestion. "Faaaable, Cle, Cle, Faaable." It answered the Mew. Turning to the Clefairy, Clefable told them to use Metronome. They did, and they blew TR away with Whirlwind. The Fearows didn't get blown away, and Mew told them how TR was really trying to steal the Clefairy. Mew smashed their Master Balls and they were set free. Clefable and Mew flew off, but Clefable would always return at the speed of light to defend the Clefairy.


Pokemon, The Adventure Continues

Chapter One: Winnings

 By: JVB2007

Mr. Ketchum, what are you going to do now that you've won the Pokemon Leagues" Asked a reporter, who had sneaked by the security guards. "What? I won" asked Ash Ketchum a Pokemon trainer from the town of Pallet. "Yes Mr. Ketchum, now answer my... Opps! gotta go Mr. Ketchum, my people will call yours. Lets do lunch sometime." said the reporter. He had just seen a security guard coming torwards them. The security stopped to talk to Ash "Mr. Ketchum there is this loud mouth girl with two other boys saying they know you, should I let them in?" asked the guard. "I WON!" shouted Ash. "Mr. Ketchum?" asked the guard impatiently. "What.. Oh yes let them in" Ash said. Misty came barging into the room "About time, now where is Ash?" Misty had been with Ash from about the start of his Pokemon career.    She spotted Ash. She ran over and hugged him, then she realized what she had done  so she let go of Ash and blushed. "Well... good job" she managed to say. "Yeah... thanks" Ash was blushing too. Misty and Ash had always had a thing for each other. "Aww how romantic" said Brock, who had just entered with Tracy not far behind. "Be quiet Brock" screamed Misty. "Well what are we going to do now without you Ash" Tracy said because now that Ash had won the Pokemon Leagues he had no purpose to go with Misty, Tracy, and Brock. "Hey even though I'm better than you all doesn't mean I'm not going with you" Ash boasted sarcasticly. "Hey Ash I hate to say this... but you did a pretty good job" It was Gary! He is Ash's rival. "And guess what? I'm gonna honor you with my company on your trip" he said. "Hey sure Gary... you can come along" replied Ash  "Well then lets get going, I saw a bunch of reporters trying to get past security. Lets go before they do." Tracy said. When they got outside it was much colder and something was wrong with the way the people looked "Wierd the people look frozen in time" said Misty "You took the words right out of my mouth" replied Ash. "Excuse me sir... uh sir??.. Omygod they ARE frozen in time." screamed Tracy. "Hey look up there... thats the evil Pokemon I told you about, now you have to belive me" Shouted Gary. He was right there was an odd looking Pokemon coming down for a landing.

"Hello Ash" the Pokemon said as it landed. Ash's mind floded with memories. "Mewtwo???" Ash blurted out unexpectedly.

Chapter 2 "Memories"

"Mewtwo??" Ash blurted out. "Nice to see you again my old friend" the Pokemon who Ash called Mewtwo said. Now since only Ash, Misty and Brock has met Mewtwo along time ago Gary and Tracy were dumbfounded. Now since Tracy (being the idiot that he is) fainted. While Gary who was quite interested in the evil Pokemon from long ago. "Wh-Wh-What is that?" he asked. "I'm suprized you don't remember me, the one who beat up your Arcanine and Nidoking" said Mewtwo . "You You.. you were the evil Pokemon... Ash get out of the way he's evil!' shouted Gary. "No Gary, he was evil... he is a friend" So Ash told Gary about the invitation from the Dragonite to meet the worlds greatest Pokemon Master. Then Mewtwo only had one goal Destroy all human life so he and his super clones could control the world but he also told Gary that he wouldn't give up he proved to Mewtwo that fighting wasn't the answer. With a little help from Mew that is. "Wow who did I remember that?" Ash asked the Pokemon "As you know I took all your memories away but I kept them, and now I return them to you my friends" said Mewtwo "Speaking of Mew, where is he?" asked Misty. Mewtwo just lowered his head and said... "I couldn't stop the evil" 'What evil" Asked Tracy who had finally come to. "You will see" said Mewtwo and they were gone

The Life of Sabrina


(Real story of Sabrina)

One day,

A baby girl named Sabrina sat in her mothers lap in the hospital. Her mom said, "Psyco, she is bueatiful. We'll name her Sabrina. Like my grandmother." Sabrina fell asleep. 2 hours later she woke up in a plastic cage, it seemed like to her. She asked herself in her brain, "Why am I here..." Then Sabrina thought, "Psycic." The glass shattered all over the floor of the hospital.

*3 days later*

Sabrina's parents had a meeting with the doctor. The doctor said, "I think we have diagnosed that Sabrina has a cell of psycic in her body. Can you explain, Mrs. Darkness?" Sabrina's mother said, "My grandmother had psycic did my mother...She must have got a gene from them." Sabrina's father nodded. He said, "My grandfather had psycic powers and my father had them too..2 genes!" The doctor folded his arms and says, "Is that the case. Okay. Meeting's over." Sabrina looked up at her mother and father. She said, "Psycic." Her mother stepped forward and said, "Psyco, did she say, Psycic?" Sabrina repeated, "Psycic.'' It was her first word.

*9 years later*

Sabrina pulled on a spigetti strap velvet purple dress. She yelled, "Mom! Where's my shoes?" She brushed her long, black hair with a touch of green when it shined. Her mom said, "Sabrina darling, ther'er in you closet." Sabrina snapped her fingers and the closet opened and then Sabrina threw her arms to the side. The shoes dissapered onto Sabrina's feet. At school, Sabrina said, "Go Alakazam!" Alakazam stood in the classroom. Sabrina said, "5x9 million?" Alakazam motioned, "450 million." After school, Mrs. Poke` passed out the math TESTS. sHE ANNOUNCED, "Sabrina was the only on witha A+." Sabrina's parents were flattered.

*26 years later*

Sabrina had a clon of herself, she called her clon, Estella. When she was batteling Gary she said, "Go, Alakazam.'' Alakazam used night shade and the battle was over. Gary tried to run out of the gym but the Estella changed him into a doll and made him pretend he was on a date with Misty. He said, "But I hate Misty!" Misty growled. She said, ''I hate you as well!" Sabrina had her own child. She named her Roxanne. Though she did'nt had psycic powers-though Sabrina was still happy to have a child.


The Secret of Silence Mountain


"Where are we?" asked Tracy, woken up by Misty's squeakish Togepi. "I have no idea," said Misty who had been stroking Pikachu's golden haired body.

" Hey, look at this!" called Ash, standing by a nearby waterfall, which had a rainbow strung through it's waters. " Old legends say that if you follow a rainbow, surprises will be at the end of it!"

" Oh , so maybe we should follow it! Replied Misty."Yeah," agreed Tracy; "Maybe it'll be a rare Pokemon!"

After hours of hiking and walking up a mountain after a long rainbow they stopped at a pond surrounded by glittering sunflowers."Wow! This is like a fairy tale!"

"Yeah,"said tracy,"Especially since Team Rocket's not here!"
"Oh, really? Think twice . . . " said a distant voice.

"Prepare for trouble! Make it double! To prtect the world of devestation, to unite all peoples within our nation, to denounce the evils of truth and love, to extend our reach to the stars above! . . . Jessie! . . . James! . . ."

"And Cassidy!" Said the former femme fatale of team rocket.

To be continued
. . .

Continutation to Leafeon:The Secret of Silence Mountain

"CASSIDY!?" The whole group said.
She simply replied,"Yup, that's me"
" Get back to jail, you can't take my place!" Cried Jesse
"Yes, I can! I made a better and prettier villian than you every did!" Cried back Cassidy.
Jesse and Cassidy had been argueing for 20 minutes when the pond started to rumble.
"Pika Pika!" cried pikachu.
"Togeprrrriiiii!" Agreed Misty's Togepi.
"What's wrong guys?" asked Ash.
"Pika Piiii!!!!" Replied Pikachu.
Suddenly, a green ear appeared out of the pond. . .
The the whole head. . .
soon enough it was visible.
It appeared to be a Leafeon! Ash aligned his pokedex to it's toes. " WoW!!! What is it dexter?" He asked his PokeDex.
"Leafeon... The secret evolved form of Eevee. There are only 3 in the world.No one knows how it evolved, but it was not used with Stone Induced Evolution."

To be continued

>The Adventure!

By: Pokegrrl9

Matt ran along the coast of his summer house. The nice, wet, and smooth waves rolled to his feet. He lived in Pallet Town. Matt was a happy 9 year old child. He had heard stories of Ash but never saw him. He wondered what meeting Ash Ketchum was like.
At Matt's summer house he found many injured or abandoned pokemon either in the nearby forest or on the beach coast washed up. His Mom was Kari Simon. (his step Mom I should say) Matt's real Mom left him at the age of 2 years old. His step mom was related to Nurse Joy! Matt loved being with his step mom everywhere. About a year ago Matt's dad died of a sudden heart attack. Matt grew lonesome. His father left him 4 pokemon.
Matt could not get these pokemon until he was 10. That lucky day was just tomorrow! Matt was so excited. But He knew Professor Oak! Professor Oak said he had a special pokemon for Matt if he came early. It was 5:32 PM Matt went to bed. He woke up at 6:30 am! Matt ran to do his chores! After that he ran to Oak's. Oak said that since he was early he can have a Togepi. Matt was happy! "Wow thanx Professor Oak!" Matt said with Happiness "welcome!" Oak said. Matt ran off to become a pokemon master.1 hour later
Matt had reached Viridian City. He ran past the gym for it was 2 early for him that and the guard said so. Matt ran into Viridian forest. There were many pokemon there. Matt faced all the trainers his pokemon were at level 10 and he had caught Weedle and Caterpie! He was proud of himself! "Watch were you are going twerp!" Gary said. "You GARY! I have heard of you! You are mean! I can't believe my step mom almost married your dad! YUCK!" Matt said in defense. "Lets battle the weirdo!" Gary snapped. Gary sent out Charmander. Matt sent out Squirtle. Squirtle used bubble and Charmander was out! "hahaha!" Matt laughed in disbelief. Gary sent out Alakazam. Squirtle went down. Matt sent out Togepi. Matt looked away then back and whatever Togepi did Alakazam was gone! He had fainted! "WOW!" Matt yelled. Gary lost! "What about all your other pokemon Gary?" Matt asked. "I faced Ash and lost! That loser is in Pewter City!" Gary said mad and left. Matt race on.
"Ash is that you?" Matt yelled to a kid 12 years old that looked like Ash. "Yap who's asking?" Ash said with pride. "Hi! I am Matt Simon! I heard all about you! I think you are cool!" Matt said. "I know I am!" Ash said with pride again. "Wanna battle kid?" Ash said with a smirk of confidence that he would win and not Matt. "Great!" Matt said.
Matt reached for a pokeball. Ash did the same. " said that's your name right kid?" Ash asked acting grown up and superior. "Yah that's right!" Matt said. "Squirtle I choose you!" Ash said. "I may be a beginner but don't go easy on me OK?" Matt said. "I wasn't going to any way!" Ash replied. " Go......Bulbasaur!" Matt said. "Squirtle Bubble!" Ash said. Squirtle missed! "OH NO!" Ash gasped. "Bulbasaur Razor leaf!" Matt said. Squirtle was down to half. "Squirtle Water gun!" Ash said again. Now Bulbasaur was down to half! "Bulbasaur Vine Whip!" Matt yelled. Bulbasaur took down Squirtle. "Awe-man!" Ash signed angrily. "Squirtle return! GO CHARIZARD!" Charizard took Bulbasaur down in one hit! "Bulbasaur Return! GO Togepi!" Matt said. Charizard and Ash were laughing so hard it wasn't funny! Matt look down in disappointment. He looked up and Matt and Ash were shocked! Charizard fainted! "Charizard return! MAN!" Ash said and whined. Ash's Bulbasaur,Lapras,and Pidgeot went down too! Matt's Caterpie,Bulbasaur,Charmander,and Pikachu were gone too! It was Togepi against Pikachu. Pikachu was scared and tried though. Togepi Smacked Pikachu! Matt laughed a little. "Hey be nice!" Ash said angrily. Pikachu was dazed. Pikachu was bet and bad! "I FORFEIT THE MATCH! PIKACHU SHOULDN'T BE BET UP LIKE THAT!" Ash yelled. "OK OK!" Matt said back.
"Hey Matt you are pretty talented!" Tracey said. "Unlike Ash!" Misty whispered. Matt shrugged. "So what are you asking?" Matt asked. "We want to know if you want to join us after all you would be with Ash and all!" Tracey and Misty said. "Yah why not?" Ash said himself. "All right!" Matt said happily. "Where do you come from?" Ash asked Matt. "Pallet Town!" Matt said. "WOW! Me too!" Ash said. "You're famous there! Your mom and my step mom are friends!" Matt said. "Koo!" Misty and Tracey said. So the Gang with a new friend walked off for new adventures and Team Rocket now notices that they want Ash's Pokemon and Matt's! "We'll Get them next time!" Jessie snickered. "They'll understand that the Pikachu belongs to us!" Meowth said also. "Ash's Pikachu is what we want now the new kids Togepi is what we haunt!" James said trying to be poetic! "SHUT UP JAMES!" Jessie and Meowth snapped together. Matt,Ash,Tracey,and Misty walked down the road to the ferry. "Man I can't believe there really is a new Island that was found! Ash said. "Probably new pokemon too!" Matt said with delight. "Ash you haven't caught a pokemon forever!" Misty said. "Give him a break!" Tracey said. "Ash needs a rest after all the battles he won!" Tracey added. "Matt too" Misty admitted. "I won 12 out of 13!" Ash said. I lost to you!" Ash said pointing to Matt. "Yah but then we re-matched and I lost to you!" Matt said. "I know!" Ash said.  "I still can't believe that in 3 months you got all 8 badges Matt!" Ash said. "Ash so did you!" Misty added. "I wonder if there are new pokemon!" Ash said. "Me too! I have to admit I need some new ones after Misty made my Golduck faint!" Tracey said. "I did mean to because it was a battle duh!" Misty said. "Ash thanx for catching me that Vulpix!" Matt said. " No problem." Ash replied.
"Welcome to Rare Island!" Officer Jenny said. "Why is it called rare?" Matt and Ash asked. "It has rare pokemon and new pokemon too!" Officer Jenny said. "Awesome!" The gang said. So off they went down the road.

"My legs are getting tired but there's a huge mountain!" Misty said. "Lets explore!" Tracey said excitingly. Ash and Matt raced ahead. "Wow some hike!" Matt said. "Yah" They agreed. "Let's dig!" Ash said. They dug and dug and dug and dug AND DUG! Then finally.........."Wow I found a fossil and an egg with pink poke-a-dots and orange squares!" Matt yelled. "I found a sleeping Aerodactyl!" Ash said. Ash threw a master ball and caught it. "I found another Togepi egg!" Misty said. "I found a sleeping Kabutops!" Tracey said. She threw a masterball and caught it! The gang walked further down and saw cages! "What are those inside!" Ash whispered. "TR caught all these pokemon!" Tracey said. The pokemon were all crying for help! The gang released them. Then after that they walked away and all the pokemon followed! "Lets catch them I think they want us too!" Misty and Ash said. They threw ultraballs,pokeballs,and masterballs! "Awesome all new pokemon!" Matt said. "Misty now you can't say we haven't caught any new pokemon in a while!" Tracey said enthusiastically
~~~~~~~~~~Sent in by Pokegrrl9

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