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Fanfic - Finally Captured | By: Mewtwo RulesWorld


Date: 5/7/00 3:13:23 PM Central Daylight Time

From: MewtwoRulesWorld

To: MewMaster87

Finally Captured

To all Mewtwo and  Pokémon fans: You have to see Pokémon The First Movie: Mewtwo Strikes Back to understand this story and you have to know what The Birth of Mewtwo is, also if you want to understand some minor parts. If you don't know what The Birth of Mewtwo is or don't understand some parts e-mail me at MariaMew2Trainer@AOL.com. And one last thing; I know this isn't the real story on how Mewtwo ended up in the Unknown Dungeon, but this is my theory and opinion on how Mewtwo did end up in the Unknown Dungeon, so please, no suing ~_^ Thank You, and I hope you enjoy my story!

A Pokémon is asleep in the Andes Mountains. Flashes of memories dance through it's mind: A flash of Mew, a young boy lying in the middle of a battle arena, a little girl disintegrating while a child Pokémon called out for her, a Pikachu weeping for the boy, scientists staring at a bioengineering tube, a Pokémon surrounded by a ring of fire, a flash of the little girl again saying, "When living things hurt tears come out. Thank you for weeping for me Mewtwo, I'll never forget you......" and the child Pokémon calling her name, "Ai...the tears won't go away! Ai...Ai! Where are you? Where did you go? Ai!" It opens one eye to see Mew flying around it.

Mewtwo: Mew...go...away....

Mew: Mew?

Mewtwo: (growls) Why must you always bother me? NOW GO AWAY!

Mew: (translated) Aw Mewtwo! Come on! You can't have any fun, can you?

Mewtwo: (mumbles) No.

Mew: Aw...Mewtwo...GEEEEEZ!

Mewtwo: (gets up) Just go away!

Mew: Fine! (flies away and mumbles) I think the humans that created you forgot to put in a heart.

Mewtwo: (growls) Good, I'm glad. (sighs and whispers) Mew...if you could just see what I have been through.......

The sun starts to rise and Mewtwo walks over to see it.

Mewtwo: If only...if only you could see...(sighs) Why was I even put in this horrible world? Why did they even create me...why did the one person I cared for, looked up to, (looks up at the sky) the one human that cared for me...die...Ai...why did you die...why...?

Questions float through the Pokémon's mind, questions that could not be answered. Mewtwo starts to fly toward a city, far away from the Andres Mountains...far away from Mew.

Mewtwo Thinks: Maybe if I just get away from the Andes Mountains...

Meanwhile, a 12 year old girl named Maria had just moved to Cerulean City. She was very tall for he age, about 5'3". She had short brown hair, jeans that where cut into shorts, a green vest, and a black T-shirt. Two boys, the same age, watch the moving truck back up to a house that had been vacant for a while.

Matt: Hey...looks like that house has been finally sold!

Matt was 12 years old. He had short, dark brown, hair He wore a backwards hat, jeans, and a baseball shirt. He had lived in Cerulean City all his life. His mother had died suddenly for no apparent reason. After his mother had died him and his father had moved to an apartment downtown. They grew poor after that. His father had been friends with Giovanni, the leader of the infamous Team Rocket, since childhood.

Brian: (sighs) Yep.

Brian, on the other hand was only 11 but skipped two grades in the beginning of the year, so he's really in eighth grade. He wore glasses, a striped blue shirt with jeans that had holes where the knees should be. His uncle was the creator of Mewtwo.

Matt: Lighten up, Brian. When you ever gunna get over last year when.....

Brian: My uncle was killed? How could I get over that, huh? Tell me? He was like a father to me! My cousin Ai died in a traffic accident, my father died of a heart attack...now my uncle died? What is with my family?

Matt: Sheesh, Brian! I got worst because my dad has been friends with Giovanni since he was ten! Uh...who killed ur uncle again?

Brian: The Pokémon he created. Mewtwo killed him.

Matt: Mewtwo...oh...that thing that's in all the science books? That thing looks sooooo pathetic!

Brian: (smacks Matt in the arm) You don't know how powerful that thing is! Do you had any idea what would happen to you if Mewtwo heard you? He'd....

Matt: Brian G. Fuji! I swear...don't push me...(sighs) Aw, I couldn't beatcha up...we've been friends since preschool.

Brain: Yeah...sorry....

The two boys walk over to Maria. She was a lot taller then them.

Matt: Hey!

Maria: Huh? Oh...uh...hi.

Matt: Hey, we saw you move in so we thought we would...uh, just introduce ourselves. So...I'm Matt O'Connel and this is.....

Brain: Brian Fuji.

Maria: Hey, I'm Maria Stevens. Uh...Brian...are you related by any chance to the scientist who created Mewtwo?

Brain: He was my uncle...he's...well...dead now.

Maria: Aw cool! I've always wanted to capture Mewtwo...heck, I've read about 'em, tried lookn' for 'em. Actually...I've searched all my life for Mewtwo!!

Matt: Why'd you move here?

Maria: Because a Charizard burnt down my house...long story

Matt: Hey! Ya know what? Ur in luck because Brian just so happens to know everything about Mewtwo!

Brain: Well.....

Maria: (looks up) Hey, wus that?

A flash appears in the sky and lands in the Unknown Dungeon.

Matt: What the heck was that?

Brian: I dunno...a star that had made a minor explosion out of transforming in to a super.....

Matt: English Brian.....

Brian: (shrugs) A meteorite?

Maria: In the daytime?

Matt: We'll check it out sometime later...hey, you want us to show you to the best store in town? It's call Smitt's Variety...it's got everything...heck, it's even Master Balls!

Maria: MASTER BALLS!! I gotta get some!

Brian: Yeah, but there like ten bucks.

Maria: So...I got twenty! Let's go! Uh...by da way... are you guys Pokémon Trainers?

Matt: Yep, I got twenty-three Pokémon!

Brian: I got thirty!

Maria: Well I got ninety-nine!! I'm not gunna travel for badges until I get at least a hundred Pokémon.

Matt: WOAH!! Ninety-nine? Hey, when you start to travel and everything...can we come too? We got licenses and PokéDexes and stuff.....

Brain: We didn't want to travel because we thought our Pokémon where to weak to battle for badges.

Maria: Fine by me!

Unknown to these young Pokémon Trainers is that the meteorite that had landed in the Unknown Dungeon was actually Mewtwo.

Mewtwo: (looking around) Cerulean City...the water city...

Three Pokémon appear out of nowhere and approach Mewtwo.

Charizard Clone: (translated) Uh...Master? Master, is that you?

Mewtwo: (whirls around) Huh...??

Blastiose Clone: (translated) Hey Charizard, you know he ain't our Master no more!

Venusaur Clone: (translated) Yeah, whatever...I think he made Charizard the dumbest of all! (Blastiose and Venusaur Clones giggle)

Charizard Clone: Will you two stop!

Mewtwo: Oh, it's just you guys...I thought you might have been a human or something.

Venusaur Clone: A human calling you master?

Blastiose Clone: Reality check, Mewtwo...humans don't call Pokémon 'master'...we're the one's supposed to be calln' dem 'master'.

Mewtwo: Good point.

Charizard Clone: Hey Master, why did you come here?

Mewtwo: Would you not call me master!

Charizard Clone: Sorry...don't hurt me! (covers eyes and waves tail in the air)

Mewtwo: Why would I hurt you?

Charizard Clone: Uh...because...because...uhhhh....

Blastiose Clone: Because ya hurt dat human kid's Pikachu....

Mewtwo: That Pikachu deserved it! It chose not to fight back!

Venusaur Clone: True...but still, why'd you come here?

Mewtwo: I've lived in the Andes Mountains for over a year now...there's...there's to many memories behind it.

Charizard Clone: Well, ya shouldn't of come here. Human kids come by here all the time and try to catch us...well, really, I don't see why you would mind.

Venusaur Clone: Yeah, and I've seen Team Rocket pass by......

Mewtwo: (eyes start glowing blue) Do not say 'Team Rocket' in my presence ever again!

Venusaur, Blastoise, and Charizard Clones: (nodding) OK!

Weeks pass and still Matt, and his new friend Maria still have no idea that Mewtwo now lives in the Unknown Dungeon. But, Brian had gone into the Unknown Dungeon and made a terrible mistake and discovery.

Brian: You guys! You would never believe me, but....

Matt: What is it?

Maria: Yeah, tell us!

Brian: Remember that meteorite that landed in the Unknown Dungeon?

Maria and Matt: Yeah.

Brian: Well, that was no meteorite...that was...was...

Maria: TELL US!

Brian: That was the Pokémon, Mewtwo!

Maria and Matt: Mewtwo?

Maria: Ur kidding?

Brian: No, I...I'm not! I went in to see if I could just get a good glimpse of the meteorite...but then...plain and simple...Mewtwo was standing right in front of me! I tried to run away, but it was no use! He caught me and slammed me into the closest wall posable using his Psychic Powers! (lifts up sleeve and shows them a massive cut)

Maria: Brian...are you OK?

Brian: (nods)

Maria: I'm going in there!

Matt: Maria, no! You heard what he did to Brian!

Maria: I own some of the most dangerous Pokémon alive and I'm not dead yet! Am I?

Brian: (shakes his head) But still, he's extremely hostile and he could kill you in an instant!

Maria: (stretches through backpack) Here, I still got the Master Balls I bought two weeks ago! Great!

Maria starts walking towards the Unknown Dungeon ignoring the danger that lies ahead of her. The two boys follow and stop when they reach the entrance of the cave.

Brian: Well this is it.

Matt: We'll wait here.

Maria: Oh...come on! You guys aren't that weak!

Brian and Matt: Yes we are!

Maria: OK fine...I'm goin' in.

Unknown to Mewtwo, Maria enters the cave.

Maria: (sighs) If I don't come back out, think of me often guys.

The Charizard clone had ran up to Mewtwo to inform him that there was another human in the cave.

Mewtwo: What?

Charizard Clone: I'm not kidding, there's another human in the cave!

Mewtwo: No matter, almost thirteen humans had past by me in two weeks and none of them had rained victorious.

Mewtwo's body started to glow blue.

Mewtwo: This will be the last human to challenge me!

Mewtwo was right to say 'This will be the last human to challenge me!' because he had no idea that today was the day he would get a Trainer. Maria had ran until she came upon a large pond that was in the cave. She stopped and grabbed a PokéBall from her belt.

Maria: Go, Dewgong!

Maria got on Dewgong's back. A huge Gyarados had sprung out of the water. Waves crashed into them. The Gyarados jumped over them, back into the water.

Maria: What was that about? Oh well, return Dewgong!

Maria started to run again until a Venusaur stopped her. This Venusaur was much larger then a regular Venusaur, and it had strange white markings on it's face and back. Powerful vines sprung out of it's back. Maria dodged them and started running faster. A Charizard flew in front of her and she screamed. This Charizard was also much bigger than a regular Charizard and it had red zigzag type markings on it's face, back and wings. It roared and used it's Flamethrower attack on her. Maria leapt up and the Flamethrower barley missed her. She was getting very weak from all the running and stopped to rest, when a humungus Blastiose walked in front of her. It was much, much bigger than the Vensaur and Charizard and it also had strange black markings on it's shell and face. It raised it's cannons when Mewtwo telepathically told the Blastiose clone to move out of the way.

Maria: Oh, God. What is with this cave?

Blastiose Clone: Toise! Blas blas! BLASTIOSE! Tios blas!

Blastoise was arguing with Mewtwo the he wanted to finish the human off. Mewtwo wouldn't let him.

Maria: (groans) What do all you Pokémon want with me?

Maria opened her eyes again and saw a pair of eyes light up blood red in front of her. Maria yelped and fell back. A figure walked out, it was Mewtwo.

Maria: You don't scare me, Mewtwo! Pidgeot, I choose you!

A Pidgeot flew out of the PokéBall and flew at Mewtwo with full speed.

Maria: Wing Attack now!

A blue light surrounded Pidgeot, and it fell to the ground, defeated.

Maria: Return Pidgeot, go Black Night!

A rare, all black Persian popped out of the next PokéBall.

Maria: Furry Swipes! Now!

Mewtwo lifted his paw and a blue light surrounded Black Night. Mewtwo waved his paw and Black Night went flying through the air, into a wall. Black Night was defeated.

Maria: Return Black Night! Go, Kabutops!

Kabutops lunged at Mewtwo the minute it came out of it's PokéBall.

Kabutops: TOPS! Kabuuuuuuuutops!

Mewtwo snickered and telepathically talked to Kabutops so Maria wouldn't hear.

Mewtwo: So, you say I look weak...and you want to defeat me? You are as pathetic as the rest!

Kabutops looked around for where the voice was coming from.

Kabutops: Tops?

Maria: Quit acting silly and use ur Cut attack!

Kabutops slashed Mewtwo in the arm and jumped behind Mewtwo. Mewtwo whirled his head around.


The Master Ball flew right at Mewtwo. The Master Ball had captured him...for the moment. The Master Ball started to wiggle...stop...start wiggling...stop...Maria stared at it for a few seconds in silence. She ran over and picked it up, her hands where shaking.


Shaking, she ran over and hugged Kabutops.

Maria: Awesome job Kabutops, return! Man, I can't wait to tell Brian and Matt that I captured Mewtwo!!

Maria walked out of the cave smiling the best smile she had ever in her life. Mewtwo stood inside the Master Ball, quite confused.

Mewtwo: Where am I? I need to get out of this! How could I have been defeated? How? Why?

Maria walked up to Brian and Matt who where still standing at the entrance of the Unknown Dungeon.

Brian: We've been waiting here for three hours, where were you?

They starting heading towards Maria's new house.

Maria:....so that's how I captured Mewtwo!

Brian: Oh...my...god...I still can't believe you did.

Matt: Me neither!

Mewtwo, still trying to answer his own questions tried slamming his way out of the Master Ball.

Mewtwo: I must...get....out of this...this thing!

Mewtwo slammed his shoulder agents the Master Ball's wall and it stared to wiggle. Mewtwo tried again, and again, and again, and again...and finally he'd gotten free.

Maria, Matt, and Brian: Huh? Wha.......?

Mewtwo: (growls)

Maria: Mewtwo, I didn't say go!

Brain: (stepping back) Huh?

Matt: Maria, are you sure it isn't...radio active or something??

Mewtwo's body stared to glow blue with rage at the insult.

Matt: I spoke to soon!

Maria: Hey, Mewtwo, buddy 'ol pal! I don't think I introduced myself! I'm Maria! Uh...you don't have to call me master. These are my friends Matt and Brian!

Maria holds out her hand as if to shake his. Mewtwo, very confused, stepped back.

Maria: You don't know who to shake hands? Should'a told me! Here, I'll show ya how!

Maria took his paw and put it in her hand.

Maria: (shaking Mewtwo's paw) Hi...I'm Maria...

Mewtwo snatched his paw back.

Matt: (whispers to Maria) I think it's shy.

Maria: (whispers back) Probably.

Brian, enthraled by the whole thing, ran up to Mewtwo.

Brian: OH WOW! It's really Mewtwo! Geez...uh...hi! Man! Uh...I'm Brian Fuji...and uh...my uncle create...

Mewtwo lifted his paw. All of the sudden Brian screamed and fell to his knees. It felt like a bomb had just gone off in his brain. Blue light surrounded him and he was lifted high above the ground.

Brian: (holding head) MARIA! MARIA...TELL IT TO STOP...MARIA!

Maria: Mewtwo, I command you to stop this! NOW!

Mewtwo snickered and dropped his paw. Brian came crashing to the ground. He got back on his knees, and started holding his head again. Mewtwo started talking to him telepathically.

Mewtwo: So, the human that came to the Unknown Dungeon was a relative of the pathetic human who created and betrayed me?

Brian looked around, confused.

Brian: Stop...leave me alone! Stop! NOW! I COMMAND YOU!

Mewtwo waved his paw in the air. Brian gave out one last yelp and fainted. Mewtwo smirked.

Maria: Are you OK Brian? Brian wake up!

Matt: Brian? Brian wake up! Brian? Brian!

Maria: Mewtwo, you bully! Why did you do that? He didn't do nuttin to you! MEWTWO! ARE YOU LISTENING? Rrrrrrrrrrr, Mewtwo return!

Mewtwo teleported behind her. Maira whirled around.

Maria: Huh? Mewtwo, I said return!

Mewtwo kept teleporting away from her. Brian opened one eye.

Brian: What happened?


Maria's voice sounded like thunder out of frustration. Finally, Maria had gotten Mewtwo back in the Master Ball.

Maria: The nerve...Brian!

Brian: (groans) What happened?

Matt: Mewtwo...

Brian: Don't remind me!

Matt: Well, you asked.

Maria: Both of you shut-up! I think the Master Ball's wigglin' again!

Matt and Brian both put their hands around the Master Ball trying to hold it down.

Maria: (sighs) Good, it stopped.

Brian: Great......

Maria had walked home. It was around eight 'o clock when she opened the door to her house.

Maria: Ma, I'm home!

Mom: Where where you?

Maria: Catchin' Pokémon.

Mom: Catch anything?

Maria: Yep...and I'm goin' back tomorrow!

Mom: Goin' back where?

Maria: The Unknown Dungeon.

Mom: (sighs) Well get to bed if you want to catch more Pokémon in the morning.

Maria: K, Ma, I'm goin'.

Maria climbed in bed with the Master Ball cradled in her hands like a baby.

Mewtwo: I'm back in this agian...where...no I can't be...just can't! But, then why is it so dark? But, I just can't...be! Why? Was I...defeated? No! No! (shakes head) Just...can't...be...

Maria was unaware of Mew peering threw her window. Mew teleported in. It looked around and found the Master Ball in her hands.

Mew: (translated) Mewtwo? Are you there?

Mewtwo had slammed his way out of the Master Ball again. Mew looked at his red shoulder.

Mew: What have you been doing to ur shoulder?

Mewtwo: Busting out that...cage.

Mew: WOW! Ur just so lucky!

Mewtwo: Why am I lucky?

Mew: Because you have a home and a trainer now!

Mewtwo: And I'm lucky for that?

Mew: Yeah!

Mewtwo: Ur kidding?

Mew: No! She looks so nice...ur lucky you got her as a trainer!

Mewtwo: Her??

Mew: Yeah, she reminds me of Ash Ketchum.

Mewtwo: Don't remind me of him!

Mew: Why not?

Mewtwo teleported out of the room.

Mew: Where are you going? Mewtwo...?

It was to late. Mewtwo had teleported back to the Unknown Dungeon. The next day, Maria had woken up pretty late. Around 9:00.  She got dressed, put her hair up in a pony tail, and walked into the kitchen to find Mrs. Fuji talking to her mother.

Maria: Hey Ma.

Mom: Well your up late this morning.

Maria: Yeah, sorry.

Mom: Did you meet our new neighbors? This is Mrs. Fuji.

Maria: (shakes Mrs. Fuji's hand) Hey, already met Brian.

Mrs. Fuji: He's out in front if you want to talk or something.

Maria: K.

Mrs. Fuji: (whispers to Maria's Mom.) He's been so lonely since Ai died. It's a good chance to talk with someone his age again.

Maria walked outside and saw Brian on the front steps, looking sad.

Maria: Sup Brian? Wus wrong?

Brian: (sighs) Nothing.

Maria: Aw come on, Brian. You can tell me.

Brian: (sighs) It's just that so many people have died in my family. I'm sick of it!

Maria: Like who?

Brian: My dad, my cousin, and my uncle.

Maria: Wow...I feel so sorry for you.

Brian: Aw, don't worry about it. It's OK, really.

Maria: Anyway... (starts spinning Master Ball on finger)

Brian: Ur not gunna...


Maria finds that the Master Ball was empty.

Maria and Brian: Wha......?

Maria: It's...it's empty?

Brian: Mewtwo's gone!

Maria: No...it...it... can't be!

Maria runs a picks up the empty Master Ball and examines it. She found nothing...no Mewtwo...no nothing. Just the air inside it.

Maria: That's it! I'm going back to the Unknown Dungeon! I bought 4 more Master Balls yesterday. I can't lose 'em this time.

Brian: No, Maria! Don't! He's to dangerous!

Maria: Brian, I gotta, just gotta!

Maria starts to run toward the Unknown Dungeon. Brian ran after her.


But Maria just ran faster. Right to the Unknown Dungeon. She stopped when she came to the entrance. The three weird looking Blastiose, Venausaur, and Charizard where standing right there in her face. Three Pokémon clones standing nose to nose with a strange female human that had no right to be in their master's cave.

Maria: What do you all want with me? Huh? What did I do to you? Huh? You wanna battle? Huh? Huh? I'll challenge ya all!

The three Pokémon all nodded and roared.

Maria: FINE!! GO ONIX!!

An Onix popped out of the PokéBall and roared at all the clones. It was challenging them.

Maria: Onix, Wrap the Charizard!

Onix wrapped it long rock body around the Charizard Clone. The Charizard clone gave out a long roar to show that is was in pain.

Maria: OK, go Master Ball!

The Master ball flew at the Charizard Clone and engulfed it... it started to wiggle and wouldn't stop. Maria glared at it wildly. And then...finally it stopped and Maria and the two remaining clones stood in silence, staring at the Master Ball. Maria ran up to it.

Maria: One down, and two ta go.

The Venusaur Clone ran up to the Onix.

Maria: Return Onix, go Chansey!

Chansey: Channnnnnnsssssseeeeeey!!

Maria: Chansey, Metronome!

Chansey began to wave it's paws in the air. It stopped and stood silent for a while. Then it raised it's paws once more and a powerful beam shot out from them. It hit the Venusaur Clone right in the eyes.

Venusaur: SAURRRRR!

Maria: Master Ball go!

The Master Ball swallowed up the Venusaur Clone. The Master Ball wiggle for a minute and stopped. Maria picked it up.

Maria: Two down...one to go.

She stared right into the Blastoise Clone's eye's.

Blastoise Clone: BLAS!

Maria: (not taking eyes off Blastoise Clone)  Return Chansey. (narrows eyes) Go, Spike!

A Pikachu popped out of the PokéBall and the Blastoise Clone stared laughing.

Blastoise Clone: Toise, toise, toise, toise!!

Maria: Laugh all you want, but you can't win!


Maria: Spike, Thunder...(raises hand)

The Blastoise Clone stopped laughing and stared at Spike. Maria dropped her hand. She was looking for the right time for Spike to attack.

Maria: NOW!

Spike leapt up and gave it it's all to shock it's enemy unconscious. The Blastoise clone was swallowed up by the bolts of electricity. I roared in pain. I fell to it's knees and fainted. Little Spike was weak from using it's energy, and it fell too.

Maria: Return Spike, go Master Ball!

The Master Ball captured the Blastiose Clone in an instant. It didn't wiggle or do anything, just sat there. Maria picked it up, smirked and walked further into the cave.

Maria Thinks: I have three rare Pokémon now, Mewtwo...and ur next!

Maria ran up to the same pond in the cave she had encountered before. But this time she didn't bring any water Pokémon with her.

Maria: Shoot!

Maria sat down at the edge of the cliff. She looked down at the water

Maria: (sighs) Maybe tomorrow...

She sat there thinking. Then the rocks started crumbling under. She went crashing right into the water.

Maria: Geeeeez! Ugh, it's a good thing I can swim.

Just then a Gyarados sprung up from the water and tried to attack her. Maria screamed for help.


She went back under the water but the Gyarados dove in to.

Maria: (gasping for air) HEEEEELP! SOMEBODY!

Maria dove back under then up again still screaming. The Gyarados wrapped it's body around her leg and pulled her under. She managed to get free in time.


She watched in horror as the Gyarados got ready to hit her with a beam. Just then, a red light surrounded the Gyarados. The Gyarados roared in pain. The red light turned blue and lifted the Gyarados high in the air and flung it into a wall. Maria, very confused, still watched in horror. She turned around to see a blue light in the distance. The blue light faded.

Maria: Wait! Who are you? You saved my life! Hey, come back!

She got herself back on the cliff. She looked up to see a small pink Pokémon floating in the air.

Maria: Wha..... (rubs eyes)

The small pink Pokémon: Mew!

Maria: Huh?

The small pink Pokémon: Mew mew mew mew!

Maria: It's...it's...it's a M-mew!

Mew: MEW!

Mew cocked it's head to the side as if to say 'Well duh! Who'd ya think I was?'

Maria: Wow...it's really Mew! The rarest of all Pokémon!

Maria sat very still, trying not to scare it away.

Mew: Meeeeeeeeeeeeeew!

Maria lifted her hand carefully and patted it's head. Mew purred.

Mew: Mew mew mew!

Maria: Like that, huh?

Mew: Mew!

Mew flew around her, sniffed her a bit, flew back in front of her, studied her for a minute, and stared purring again. Maria stood up.

Maria: Where'd you come from?

Mew: Mew mew mew mew, meeeeeeeew...mew. Mew mew mew!

It was saying 'From the Andes Mountains!'

Maria: Where you the one who saved my life from my Gyarados?

Mew: (shakes head) Mew.

Maria: Then who did? Could it have been...

Mew: Mew! Mew mew mew mew!

Mew started bouncing on a pink bubble.

Mew: Mew! Mew! Mew!

Maria: Well, ur energetic. Come on, let's get out of this cave. I bet ur hungry.

Mew: (nods) Mew.

Meanwhile, Mewtwo had teleported out of the cave, to a very busy island. He flew around, unseen, watching all the humans hurry around to get to where ever they where going.

Mewtwo Thinks: Cinnabar Island. I never saw a place as busy as this. Nor as littered with humans.

He spotted a large building with a Hitmonlee resting at the door. He flew over to it. The Hitmonlee opened one eye, and noticed Mewtwo hovering above him.

Hitmonlee: Monlee?

Mewtwo read the sign above the door. It said 'Cinnabar Pokémon Research Lab.'

Hitmonlee: (opens the other eye) Hitmonlee?

Mewtwo flew down to the Hitmonlee.

Hitmonlee: (translated) Oh..hey! What brings you 'round here?

Mewtwo: Many reasons. Why are you here?

Hitmonlee: I've lived here all my life. What's ur name?

Mewtwo: Would an angry clone do?

Hitmonlee studied Mewtwo a for moment.

Hitmonlee: I think I know who you are! Ur name's Mewtwo!

Mewtwo: How did you know?

Hitmonlee: Ur in every science book. Plus, there's so many scientists walkn' around in this here building, you wouldn't be surprised if you herd the name Mewtwo once and a while.

Mewtwo: Oh.

Hitmonlee: Wanna come inside? It's to hot to be standin' around here, doing nothing.

Mewtwo: Well...

Hitmonlee grabbed Mewtwo's paw and pulled him inside.

Hitmonlee: Just come on! I know there's a lot of tourists 'round here, but the lab is closed for the public right now, so there'll only be a few scientists wlakin' around.

Mewtwo: (mumbles) And that's exactly why I don't want to come in.

Hitmonlee: They wont hurt 'cha! Come on!

Hitmonlee led Mewtwo inside the lab. It was very big with lots and lots of pictures hanging on the walls. There where a few exhibits here and there, too.

Hitmonlee: Ur 6 feet 7 inches tall. You weigh 269 pounds. Type genetic...ur psychic, too. Created on New Island...cloned from Mew. Number 150.

Mewtwo: How do you know so much about me?

Hitmonlee: I heard ur name somewhere, and looked it up. The book was called Pokémon Science. I'll show it to ya!

Mewtwo: Naw...I think I know to much about myself already.

Hitmonlee: Oh...OK. Man, I'm so glad another Pokémon actually came here! Usually people have to keep there Pokémon inside there PokéBalls. What I think isn't far is that I'm not wild and they let me walk around. Are you a wild Pokémon or are you captured?

Mewtwo: Well let me put it this way, the human that captures me will never live to tell about!

Mewtwo had lied. He had just saved Maria's life. He shook his head at the thought.

Hitmonlee: (whispers) Oh that's right...you killed that Fuji guy, didn't you?

Mewtwo: (sighs) Do you see him walking around?

Hitmonlee: No.

Mewtwo: Then I guess I did.

Hitmonlee: Then you better stay away from Professor Daemon. He's still pretty shaken from that. All he talks about is the day, or the way he puts it, the day that fool Pokémon awoke and killed about eleven of us!

Mewtwo: That human dared to call me a fool?

Hitmonlee: Well...uh...yeah.

Mewtwo: (growls)

Hitmonlee: Hey, I'll show you to the new part of the lab. They just built it about a week ago. Come on!

Mewtwo followed Hitmonlee to the new section of the lab. When they first walked into it Mewtwo gasped.

Hitmonlee: Awesome, isn't it?

The room was filled with monitors. There was about 15 to 25 bioengineering tubes standing around them. A huge computer stood agents a wall, and a cloning machine was towards the back with an even bigger computer attached to it. Hitmonlee stood with awe, staring at the cloning machine.

Hitmonlee: This is called the Cloning Room. They made it here after the one on New Island was destroyed somehow.

Mewtwo: The...cloning room?

Hitmonlee: Yep. There thinkin' about cloning a human.

Mewtwo: Who?

Hitmonlee: Some girl.

Mewtwo: Oh.

Hitmonlee: I think her name was...

Mewtwo: (shakes head) It won't live very long.

Hitmonlee: How do you know?

Mewtwo: I just know these things.

Hitmonlee: Oh. Well, we better get out of here before one of the professors catches us.

Hitmonlee walked out of the room. Mewtwo followed.

Mewtwo Thinks: So the humans built another cloning machine? Bunch of fools! I wonder who there going to clone?

Hitmonlee led him to another room that had a large pool in it.

Hitmonlee: This is the pool. A lot of the lab's Pokémon come in here to get away from all the tourists. Did ya now Team Rocket tried to steel us? Two boys and a girl saved us, though.

Mewtwo: Humans saved you?

Hitmonlee: Yeah...any human would try and save Pokémon...even Team Rocket would save there own Pokémon if they where in trouble.

Mewtwo: Well...I guess you made a point. But still, why would humans save Pokémon they don't even know?

Hitmonlee: Because they care about Pokémon.

Mewtwo: I never thought of humans that way.

Hitmonlee: Hey, can I ask you something?

Mewtwo: Sure.

Hitmonlee: How come you can speak the human language, and I can't?

Mewtwo: (rolls eyes) Because I'm psychic.

Hitmonlee: Oh yeah...DUH!

They walked down a hall that lead to yet another lab when they ran into a professor.

Professer: Huh? Hitmonlee, you got to be...

The professor looked as white as a ghost when he saw Mewtwo. Mewtwo looked pretty shocked as well.

Professor: It's...it's...it's M-m-mewtwo!!

Hitmonlee: (whispers) That's' Professor Daemon.

Professer Daemon: M-m-m-m-m-mewtwo! W-w-w-what are y-you d-doing h-here??

Hitmonlee: I told you he was still shaken.

Mewtwo: This Hitmonlee of yours practically forced me in here!

Hitmonlee: Oh, so just blame it on me!

Mewtwo: Shut up!

Professor Daemon: W-w-w-what d-did y-you c-c-c-come h-here f-f-f-f-for?

Mewtwo: That's none of your business.

Professer Daemon: B-but out o-of a-a-a-all p-p-places...

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