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Finally Captured Part 2


Date: 5/7/00 3:14:16 PM Central Daylight Time


To: MewMaster87

Mewtwo: (sighs) I told you, Hitmonlee led me in here.


Mewtwo: OK, OK.

Professor Daemon straightened up. He still looked very pale, but not as much as before. He coughed and stared to speak again.

Professor Daemon: B-but you still h-haven't answered m-m-my question on why in the w-world would y-you h-have come to C-cinnabar Island?

Mewtwo sighed once more. Why should he tell a human that once betrayed him? This human really wanted to know...and Mewtwo just wanted to know why.

Mewtwo: Because I...I...I...

Mewtwo hesitated a bit.

Mewtwo: (mumbles) Because some fool human captured me! That's why!

Professor Daemon stood there speechless for a minute. Hitmonlee just rolled his eyes.

Mewtwo Thinks: Satisfied you pathetic fool!

Professor Daemon: W-w-what is h-his name? I have t-to now! He must  t-truly be a master!

Mewtwo: She's not a boy! She's a girl! And she only has ninety-nine Pokémon! All she has is dumb luck! Just dumb luck!

Back in Cerulean City, Maria and her brand new Pokémon, Mew walked along a nearby ocean. Mew purred as she flew along Maria's side.

Mew: Mew, mew mew mew mew!

Maria: Ya know what, Mew?

Mew: Mew?

Maria: Ur the cutest little thing in the whole wide world!

Mew: MEW! MEW! Mew mew mew mew!

Mew was saying 'Thanks! That's the nicest thing a human ever said to me!' Maria smiled. Mew flew in front of her and sniffed her shirt.

Maria: Now what are you doing?

Mew: Mew mew! Mew mew mew!

Mew said 'I know that sent! Mewtwo saved you!'

Maria: Ur a funny little thing, aren't you?

Mew: Mew!

Mew bounced on a pink bubble again. Maria giggled. The sun was setting over the ocean. Maria sat down to watch it. Mew flew down and sat on her shoulder.

Mew: (sighs) Meeeeeew. Mew mew mew.

Maria: Beautiful, isn't it?

Mew nodded and stared in awe at the sunset.

Maria: We never had any of this back in Pewter.

Mew: Mew mew.

Mewtwo was still arguing with Professor Daemon back at the lab.

Professor Daemon: I-I-I-I g-got to b-b-be g-going n-now. Hitmonlee, get back outside...It's to nice out t-t-to b-be in h-here.

Hitmonlee sighed, but obeyed. Hitmonlee led Mewtwo back out of the lab. Mewtwo growled as he left.

Hitmonlee: Sorry for Professor Daemon...he's a bit annoying at times.

Mewtwo: Yeah, I can see that. Anyway, I better go, too. There's to many hu-I mean people around here.

Mewtwo couldn't believe he had just called humans, people. He shook his head.

Hitmonlee: I understand. Well, I'm so glad you came here. I usually never have any Pokémon to talk to.

Mewtwo: Think nothing of it.

Mewtwo flew up and telepoted away.

Hitmonlee: See-ya...and thanks!

Hitmonlee leaned himself agents the door and fell asleep, thinking about his new friend. Back at Cerulean City, Maria was in her bed sleeping. Mew, in a bubble by her side, was sleeping too. Mewtwo watched her sleep telepathically.

Mewtwo Thinks: Sleep well...Maria.

Maria woke up in a better mood then yesterday, now that she had Charizard, Venusaur, Blastiose, and Mew. She got dressed and headed outside to test her Pokémon out.

Matt: Hey Maria!

Maria: Hey!

Matt: Where were you yesterday?

Maria: Catchin' Pokémon.

Matt: Really? What did ya catch?

Maria: I'll only show you...if we battle.

Matt: Battle?

Maria: You heard me! Battle! I challenge you to a Pokémon Battle!

Matt: Fine! I accept! Go, Weepinbell!

Weepinbell: Bell bell bell!

Maria: Go Zigzags!

The Charizard clone came out of the Master Ball and roared.

Maria: Zigzags, Fire Blast! Now!

Charizard clone...or should I say Zigzags threw X shaped fire at Wieepinbell.

Weepinbell: BELL!

Matt: Weepinbell, no!

The Fire Blast hit Weepinbell and Weepinbell fell...defeated.

Maria: Good job Zigzags! Return!

Matt: Return Weepinbell! Go, Wortortle!

Wortortle: Wortortle!

Maria: Go UltraBlastoise!

Blastoise clone popped out of the Master Ball and in front of Wortortle.

Matt: Wortortle, Water Gun!

Wortortle shot water from it's mouth at UltraBlastoise. UltraBlastoise dodged it.

Maria: Hydro Pump now!

UltraBlastoise raised it's cannons and aimed them at Wortortle. It shot a powerful Hydro Pump at Wortortle. It hit Wortortle and Wortortle fell, defeated.

Matt: Wortortle, return!

Maria: UltraBlastoise, return! Go Killer!

The Venusaur clone lugged out of the Master Ball as slow as possible.

Matt: Go Eevee!

Maria: Bad choice, buddy boy! Killer, vine whip!

But Killer ignored Maria, and instead used Razor Leaf. Killer shook his head. It didn't seem to want to disobey Maria. It couldn't help not using Razor Leaf because Mewtwo was telepathically controlling it's body.


Maria: Killer, I said Vine Whip!

Matt and Eevee laughed. Venusaur kept on yelling at Mewtwo.

Mewtwo: If you used Vine Whip, Eevee could have just dodged it!

Killer: Veeeeenuuuuusauuuuur!

Maria: Just use Vine Whip!

But again, Killer used a deferent attack and Matt and Eevee laughed.


This time Killer obeyed. Giant leaves flew at Eevee and Eevee was cut.


Eevee fainted.

Matt: Eevee, return!

Maria: Killer, return!

Mewtwo had been watching from high above. He floated there, and telepathically controlled the Pokémon's body if Maria made a mistake.

Matt: OK! Now, I choose you! Kingler!

Kingler was Matt's strongest Pokémon. He had never lost with it.

Maria: And for my next Pokémon, I choose the most powerful of them all! MEW! GO!

Mew teleported in front of Matt and Kingler.

Mew: Mew mew!

Matt: I'm not battling that!

Kingler started to shake.

Maria: Mew, Psychic now!

Mew's body started to glow a faint pink. Then Kingler's body started glowing pink, too. Kingler was raised high in the air, then slammed back down on the ground. Kingler was defeated.

Matt: OH NO! Kingler, are you all right?

Maria: (snickers) You can't win!

Matt: I forfeit!

Maria: What?

Matt: I forfeit!

Maria: I can't hear you.


Maria: That's more like it! Mew, return.

Mew flew onto Maria shoulders. Mew was sorry for hurting Kingler. She never really liked battling, or hurting other people's Pokémon. Nor did she even really like watching battles.

Mew: Mew mew?

Maria: Aw, he'll be all right.

Mew: (nods) Mew.

Maria: Come on, Matt. Let's get to the Pokémon Center.

Matt nodded. They started to walk towards the Pokémon when they met up with Brian.

Maria: Hey Brian! Sup?

Brian: Nothing...just looking for you guys. What's with Matt?

Matt: She beat all my Pokémon up with...

Maria: I didn't beat 'um up! I just battled you!

Matt: Well I'm running. I don't want all my Pokémon to be in critical condition by the time I get there.

Matt started running.

Maria: Wait up!

Brian and Maria ran up to Matt. Brian ran so hard, he triped and fell on a rock.

Brian: Owwwwwwww!

Maria: Brian, are you OK?

Mew flew in front of Brian to see if he was OK.

Mew: Mew mew?

Maria: Brian?

Brian: Shhhhhhhh! You'll scare it away.

Mew: Meeeeeeew!

Maria: You won't scare it away! Mew's my Pokémon!

Brian: Your...your...your...

Maria: My Pokémon!

Brian was shaking by now. He lifted his hand to pet it. Mew purred.

Brian: My God! I...I...I...can't believe I'm petting Mew!

Matt: Yeah, that's the Mew that beat up Kingler!


Brian: Ever since I was old enough to talk I wanted to meet Mew!

Maria: Cute, isn't it?

Brian: Yep!

Mew: Mew!

Mewtwo followed them from above.

Mewtwo Thinks: That little Mew always gets the most attention! Well, I guess I can see why.

Mewtwo started to get frustrated and lifted up a rock using his Psychic Powers. He blew it up.

Maria: You guys hear something?

Matt, Brian, and Mew shook their heads.

Maria: Funny, I thought I heard a gun shot or explosion or something.

Matt: Ur just hearing things! Let's go!

All four of them walked (and flew) into the Pokémon Center. About ten minutes later they walked back out.

Matt: That's the last time I battle with you!

Maria: Geez, Matt! Ur such a spoil sport!

Matt: Am not!

Maria: Are to!

Brain: Both of you shut up!

Matt and Maria: Brian, you shut up!

Brian: Be that way then!

Maria: Fine, we will.

They all giggled. Mewtwo still followed them from above.

Mewtwo Thinks: Should she be my trainer? Should I even have a trainer? Maybe...would Mew know? She seems to be happy with Maria...but she's been happy with humans ever since I met her. Maria seems to be a good trainer to all the clones. And the clones like her, too. (shakes head) I don't even know if I should apologize. No. I shouldn't. Maybe I could just fly down in front of her. But then she might get suspicious. Maybe...someday. No! Today! No!

Mewtwo shook his head again. He didn't know what is was like to have a trainer, more less even know how to apologize. Mew looked up and saw something floating very still in the sky. She flew up to get a good look at it.

Mew: Mew? Mew?

Mew found that it was Mewtwo.

Mew: (translated) What are you doing here?

Mewtwo: Nothing. Why?

Mew: It don't seem like ur doin' nothing.

Mewtwo: Mew, go away.

Mew: Aw, come on! Tell me! Pretty please with sugar on top!

Mewtwo: No! Why should I tell the likes of you?

Mew: Please, please, please, please, please!

Mewtwo: No!

Mew: Come on Mewtwo! Don't be such a pain!

Mewtwo: Unfortunately, I'm not the only one being a pain.

Mew: Why? Who else is?

Mewtwo: You!

Mew: Me?

Mewtwo: Yes

Maria: Mew? Where did you go?

Mew: I got to get back to Maria. See-ya later.

Mewtwo: Yeah...bye.

Mew: Oh...and one last thing.

Mewtwo: What?

Mew: You ought to go back to Maria. She misses you. Well, anyway, bye.

Mew flew back to Maria and landed on her shoulder. Mewtwo just floated in the air, speechless.

Mewtwo Thinks: I ought to go back to Maria? She misses me? That's a lie! No human would miss me! But then again, Maria is a very different human. She's much...kinder then all the other humans I've met. (sighs) But then there is Ash. He risked his life for the Pokémon. I guess humans like this...are very rare.

Maria: Where'd you go, Mew?

Mew: Mew mew mew mew!

Maria: (giggles) Ur a funny little thing.

Maria sighed. Mew wasn't lying. She did miss Mewtwo. She thought day in and day out about him, wondering if he was OK. Wondering if he was hurt. A tear sprung from her eye.

Brian: What's wrong Maria?

Matt: Yeah what worng?

Maria: It's...it's...

Brian: You can tell us, Maria.

Maria: It's been a month since I captured Mewtwo, and he still hasn't come back. I wonder if he's OK.

Brian: He'll come back. When he finds out that you care for him that much, he will.

Maria: You really mean it?

Brian: Yep! Positive.

Maria nodded, but she couldn't keep the tears back. She started to run.

Brian: Where are you going?

Matt: Hey Maria! Wait!

Mew: Meeeeeeeeeeeeew!

Maria didn't know where she was going. Mewtwo saw her running, and chased after her. Mew followed Mewtwo.

Mew: (translated) Mewtwo, where are you going? Where's Maria going?

Mewtwo: I don't know. If you want your trainer back then fallow me.

Mew: (nods) OK.

They flew about a mile when they finally caught up with Maria. Mewtwo flew in front of her. She stopped and stared at Mewtwo for a minute. Then she burst out in tears.

Maria: So now you come back? After a month? You just fly in out of nowhere? To do what? Huh? Well, I ain't takin' no apology! If you want one get down of ur knees and start beggin'! 'Cause I ain't takin' it! You've messed with the wrong human, Mewtwo! And, if you don't want a trainer then get back to the filthy island you came from! My name is Maria J. Stevens, and I'm not afraid of any freak Pokémon that comes back after a month! Do you hear me?

Matt and Brian finally caught up with her.

Maria: I said do you hear me?

She lunged at Mewtwo with her fists up. Brian and Matt held her back.

Matt: Maria, what are you doing?

Brian: Are you crazy?

Maria: I told you I'm not afraid! I'll be back, and then I'll win! You hear me? I said I'll win!

She broke free of Brian and Matt's grip.

Maria: I will be back to challenge you!

She turned around and started walking away. At this point, Mewtwo couldn't take it any more.

Mewtwo: Maria I...

Maria turned around. Matt and Brian stood behind Mewtwo, staring at Maria.

Maria: Wha...?

Mewtwo: I...I...

Maria: You can talk?

Mewtwo: (nods) Why did you run away?

Maria stood still. Tears still rolled down her cheeks.

Maria: (shrugs) Partly because of you.

Mewtwo: (whispers) Running away won't change anything.

Mew: Mew mew mew?

Maria: (shakes head) And why did you came back!?!

Mewtwo: Maria...I...I had my reasons to.

Maria: If you had your reasons, they couldn't have been good ones! Mewtwo, it's been a month since I stared traveling! And...and...you didn't come back till now? What was ur reason to came back? You felt sorry for me?

Mewtwo: Well...

Maria: Well what?

Mewtwo: Yes...

Maria sighed and wiped her eyes. Mewtwo had to feel some pity for her.

Maria: If you want to be my Pokémon again...I guess I could let you back. What do you say?

Mewtwo: Yeah, I guess I really want to come back.


Mewtwo: (looks over at Mew) Yep! I'm coming back!

Mew: Mew!

Maria smiled. She took out the last Master Ball.

Maria: Mewtwo, return!

Brian and Matt ran up to her.

Brian: Good job Maria!

Matt: Yeah! You caught Mewtwo...again!

Maria: (looks down at Master Ball) And I think I caught a new friend, too.

They all stared walking again.

Matt: So where are we going?

Maria: To Viridian City! Isn't that where all Pokémon Trainers star out?

Brian: Yep, I guess so.

Maria: Then let's go!

Matt: I wonder what Pokémon do inside Master Balls.

Maria: We'll just have to find out! Go, Mewtwo!

To Be Continued...

By: Maria Stevens, the one who captured Mewtwo.

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