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Hola chicos y chicas, ¿Cómo están todos?

¡Hoy es jueves, el 15 de marzo!
We will do some work with studyspanish.com for future extra credit. You will need an e-mail address to be able to do the assignmets and have me check them on-line.  If you do not have an e-mail account somewhere ask your parents to create one for you or you may use your parent's if they allow you too.  I suggest you make your own e-mail account with hotmail.com.

To register for studyspanish.com, you will need to follow the steps below.
- have an active e-mail account
- go to studyspanish.com
- click on free membership
- become a student member
- enter your email address (jdoe@hotmail.com) hit register
- you will then have to check your e-mail address (open a new browser)
- find a password they sent you in the e-mail message
- go back to your registration page where it asks you for your e-mail and password
- enter your e-mail and the new password they sent you
- register your self
- it will ask you to log on, so enter e-mail and password
- you will now see your profile and you will need my teacher ID # ZARUANC7
- confirm your registration
- now you can enter your password to change your profile, you want to change your password to something you can remember
- confirm any changes you make and you are now registered to my class
- Next time you use studyspanish.com you will only go to log on and enter your e-mail address and password

All extra credit assignments will be posted here on my web page so visit the site once a week.  Mondays would be best.
For today I want you to write down my web page address so you can do this from home or later on your own. We will not do this now during class time.
However, I want everyone to get familiar with the web page so we are going to do some activities just for practice today. Starting next week I will have some extra credit assignments listed here for you to attempt.
Actividades - Go to studyspanish.com
1 - verb drill, ser and estar, generate a quiz 25 items
2 - Grammar, Adjectives 1, Quiz 1

Now you have an idea of what to do... let's go on to something else.
My Quia activities and quizzes
La comida - Bravo Unit 3
Los lugares en la escuela
Unit 5 Vocabulary
Los lugares, medios de transporte
¿Quién quiere ser millonario?
Unit 5 Vocabulary
Lesson 3 vocabulary
Vocabulario de Unidad 6
Unit 6 lessons 1-2 vocabulary
Los verbos de unidad 6
Learn the verbs of Unit 6 lsn1-3
Bravo, Unidad 4
El vocabulario de Unidad 4. ¡Buena suerte!
¿Quién sabe más?
review game
Useful links
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