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Visit this website at anytime in order to play review games and to check out special links related to topics being studied in Language Arts and Social Studies.



Reading Challenge... The goal is to read 25 books between September and the beginning of June!  You can do it!!!  There is a classroom chart to keep track of all the books read.  KEEP READING!!!

Vocabulary - Greek and Latin roots/prefixes/suffixes
Students will create interactive notebooks to help review vocabulary.  Assessments will be each week.


Supplies - Each student will need a plastic green folder with completed homework, green spiral, covered textbook, pens, pencils, highlighters and agenda. 

Study evaluation sheets - students will write down HOW he/she studied for the test choosing from study strategies list that match his/her learning style.

Testing - tests will be announced one week in advance (should be recorded in agenda).  Students should complete study guide and study evaluation sheet,   study unit vocabulary, use homework as practice, review classroom notes/organizers and ask for help when needed.  Tests will be given back and reviewed in class and students will have an opportunity to ask questions.

Don't forget to check out the games and links below to review social studies vocabulary and content!

Remember to stay organized!!!!


My Quia activities and quizzes
Kinds of Sentences; Subjects & Predicates
Parts of Speech
Singular and Plural Nouns
Comprehension: FACT OR OPINION? GAME #2
A Feast of Homonyms
Primary or Secondary Sources
Geography/Culture Vocabulary Review
Chapter 3 Vocabulary - Early Cultures
Old and New Stone Age vocabulary review
Old Stone Age review
The Fertile Cresent and Babylonia, Israel, and Assyria
The Kingdoms of Egypt, Map and Globe Skills, and The Culture of Egypt
Ancient Egypt
Egypt lessons 1 and 2 vocabulary
Battle ship for ancient Greece
Greek "Jeopardy" - grade 6 - (copy)
Greek Civilization, Alexander's Empire, Map and Globe Skills...Use Historical Maps
practice some of the vocabulary words for ancient Greece
Greece - Vocabulary Lessons 1 and 2
Ancient Rome
Rome Lesson 1 and 2
Rome Lesson 3
Rome Rags to Riches!
The Roman Republic, Chart and Graph Skills (Use Double Bar Graph), and The Roman Empire
Useful links
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