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Carver Middle School French Teacher
Bonjour Mes Eleves!!:  

Comme vous le voyez, je ne suis pas ici aujourd'hui.  As you can see, I am not here today.  You do have an assignment to be turned in at the end of the period.


1]  Scroll down the page to the "" link.

2]  Click on this link to enter PuzzleMaker web site.

3]  There are several different puzzles you can create.  Choose Double Puzzle.

4]  Follow the directions on how to create a puzzle use le vocabulaire on page 173 in your French textbook as your source.  Make sure the words are spelled correctly.

5]  After you have created your puzzle, right click on your mouse and choose the print option to print.

***When you have finished, you may play some of the games on my page.

****Don't forget to write your name and period before you turn in puzzle.

                                 Bon Courage!

                                Monsieur Eckwall
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