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French Around Me Project

French Around Me Project - Le français autour de moi

Description and Evaluation Criteria


1. French in the News - Les actualités
Read articles in magazines or newspapers about French, France, French speaking countries and French Culture.

2. French I hear - Le français que j'entends.
Document when and where you hear French words or phrases: TV, radio, movies, in stores, in school, etc.

3.  French I see - Le français que je vois
Collect labels, wrappers, instructions, recipes, game instructions, pattern books (in Fabric Stores) perfume counters, grocery stores, etc.  Check gift boxes!  Photocopy or past the actual labels in your notebook

4.  French Art - L’art français
Identify as many examples of it as you can find around you.  Go to local museums, school displays, check the arts and leisure section of the Sunday papers, art periodicals, and books.

5.  French words and phrases - Les mots français
By French words, we mean words which have come directly from French in the past or recently, such as “detente” or “bourgeoisie”.  Some words were assimilated into English a long time ago and therefore are somewhat different from the corresponding French word, such as “tennis” from “tenez” or “student” from “étudiant”.  The list is endless.  Yours should be QUITE LONG!

6.  French place names - Les lieux français
Find French city or town names in Ohio and in other parts of the US.  Remember rivers and mountain ranges as well.  Make sure that they are indeed FRENCH.


DATE DUE _____________________ NAME _______________________________


_____ 20 Neatness
_____ 15 Originality, ARTISTIC PRESENTATION
_____ 30 Completeness, effort, number of articles in each section (MUST INCLUDE 3 ARTICLES FROM NEWSPAPERS
_____ 10 On time
_____ 15 Organization:  Easy to read and follow
_____ 30 Nature of entries in each category (interest, etc.)

_____ / 120 TOTAL
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