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Welcome to Update (formally Geolangie)! My name is Angie and I am fifteen as of October 25! This site is for everyone who likes music and movies(especially Adam Sandler movies). The best type of music in my opinion is Rock and 80's pop rock.
Here is a list of bands I like:
1.No Doubt(of course)
3.Foo Fighters
4.Staind(yes, that's how you spell it)
5.Limp Bizkit
6.The Cars
7.The Smashing Pumpkins
8.Papa Roach
9.The Gogo's
11.Green Day
12.Mighty Mighty Boss Tones
13.Blink 182
14.Culture Club
15.Ah Ha
16.Lynrd Skynrd
17.Van Halen
18.The Bangles
19.Micheal Jackson(80's only)
20.Def Lepard
21.Tears for Fears
22.Cyndi Lopper
23.The Charlie Daniels Band
24.The Rednex
27.Eve 6
29.The B52's
30.Sneaker Pimps

My All Time Favorite Movies That Shold be Yours Too:
1.The Wedding Singer            
2.Billy Madison
3.The Waterboy
4.Big Daddy
5.Happy Gilmore
6.The Beakfast Club
7.Pretty In Pink
8.Sixteen Candles
9.Dirty Dancing
10.The Faculty
11.The Patriot
13.The Shawshank Redemption
14.Ferris Bueler's Day Off
15.The Lost World Jurassic Park
16.Army of Darkness
17.Left Behind
18.Mystery Science Theater 3000 The Movie
19.Hiding Out
20.The Grinch
21.Final Destination
22.Mission Impossible II
23.Charlie's Angels

Check out these recent movies:
Zoolander(written,directed,and starred in by Ben Stiller)
Corky Romano(Chris Kattan)
Legally Blonde(Reese Witherspoon)

This update's SuperHunk is Jimmy Fallon from Saturday Night Live. Watch him!
This update's Rockin rock star is Brett Scallon from Fuel.
This update's SuperLoser is Ross A.
The reason Ross A. is such a loser is because of various things. Like last Thursday in P.E. We didn't have to dressout so Ross was wearing a muscleshirt underneath his Hawaiian pinapple shirt,blue striped socks to his knees,and a lose belt.Not to mention his hair is spiked and he wears a few chains and his shoe laces don't match. Well, anyways we(me and other students)were bored and we had a bucket full of tennis balls and footballs and Ross just happened to be running around like an idiot so naturally we pelted or pegged him.Then he tried to throw them back at us but kept missing us.Ross also screamed like a little girl every time we ran after him with a hand full of tennis balls.So Ross, if you ever read this, I love you anyways...we all do!
     This update's Jerk is Jesse Messer.Yes the same one that wrote that stuff on the bottom of the page. I bet you're wonderin' "Why is Jesse such a jerk?" Well,I'm glad you asked. I had just recently decided to go back out with him after his adorable proposal. Two days later I went to his house to "hang out" and help with his homework. We finished the homework and dinner. Then we went to his room where we proceded to "watch t.v.". I went home. The next day he came to see me in PE where I was just walking around upstairs with my friend Steven. He acted normally(poking at my tummy and holding me). Then after school he called me and told me i make him insecure and then broke up with me. How stupid!!! Now he ignores me because he's "tired of me". How stupid!!! Me supposedly his best friend when not his girlfriend sits at home trying to think of ways to regret what he has done. There really isn't anything because...
How stupid!!!
This update's Local Hottie is Colin H.(Jesse's best friend)
Colin is really cute and is funny and nice and there's something about him that isn't like Jesse. He doesn't care what other people think about him. Thanks Colin and if you ever read this i have a thing for you.
Join me next Update when the SuperLoser will be Zach G.(superstupid)

I also have a wonderful boy friend. His name is Jesse Messer.He is so great. I wish everyone that visits this site could know who he is. He is:
And the best part:goood lookn'
So if you happen to see him tell him Angie loves him.
He is so fine. If any knows him, give him a big ole kiss.
If he breaks up with me, you should try to go out with him, because he is very fine and loving.

Sorry, My EX wrote that and I didn't want to hurt his wittle feelings!Please pray for him-he really needs it!
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