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Immaculate Heart Academy  
Material from Jan 04 Lat/long.

1. How good are you at geography locations?
2. What do you know about the Arctic?
3. Try these quizzes.
4. Do you know where all of the states are located?
5. Jeopardy geo.
6. The GEO game.
7. Try this geo quiz. Can you recognize these places?
8. 20 geography questions.

Here is something good for those of you that take the time to go to this site and read the information presented.  Extra Credit.  Yes!  All you have to do is go to site #5 (on the MID EAST link).  On the map click on the smallest of all of the countries.  Itty bitty (Bahrain).  Scroll down to women's issues and find the percentage of the electorate that approved the reforms that gave more rights to the women.  You will have one question on the test that will give you bonus points for knowing the answer (number).  That's it.  Good luck.  Post on Apr. 28
Apr. 29 post.  Mid East test.  Shhhhh....  you can get extra credit on the April 29th test if you do the following.  Go to the mid east site on my web page.  Go to site #12.  Two answers must be submitted on the test.  Answer, answer.  1.  what is the color of Israel on the map on this site (choice:  red, green, yellow, pink, gold or blue) and then go to the holy places (#4) Temple Mount and from the above colors write in the color of the roof of the temple.  color, color.  Remember the colors and put them in on the bonus question and you get two extra points.
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