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BCIS Classes - SJMS, McKinney ISD, McKinney Texas

This is not a free day. Your website designers are often waiting on you to complete your work. Please make sure you are completing the following items: Hook Past, Present, Future Voki - Ask for microphone, but only one works. Computer 17 audio card is bad, don't do one on that computer. Video - Personal or Spoof a about your chosen profession/career. Use the storyboard format to plan it out. It must be approved before we take the time to video it. REMEMBER -being in someone else's video does not count as your video... We are running out of time. What time you have left, use it wisely. Flash (Career or Joke about Career) You are responsible for making one. If you write out a clear storyboard for your flash idea, perhaps I can have a flash designer help you with yours, but you are still responsible and must do some of the work... I have to approve your storyboard. Have it ready... Images - If you have pictures embedded in your brochure, please tell your website designer where you would like them embedded at within your website. Original pictures can be scanned in on computer 27. Save it under your id number. Then make a copy to your D104 server. Mrs. Gibson

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