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For those of you who are behind, you can upload it to your "Backpack" on Edmodo and work at home.

Ongoing Projects Week of 11/28/11

  • Planning Successfully Based on PBS model of presentations - Use their skit type presentation of information in an original way. Your presentation should be 3-5 minutes or longer. We will video tape your presentation. Divide and conqueror this task by dividing up the website with your team and find out all the different ways they present information. Come back together in the last ten minutes of class to turn them in a word document or your teams findings to the substitute teacher. Be sure to include your teams name and each person on your team and what stone you are to present. This is a summative grade of teamwork... Good luck!
  • Presenting Plan of Stone Presentation to Instructor, - Formative Grade
  • Stone Project Progress - Formative Grade
  • Stone Project 1, 2, & 3 Teams - Due Thursday - Summative Grade
  • Stone Project 4 & 5 Teams - Due Friday - Summative Grade
  • "Planner Check" on Friday

Dellen Gibson,
Technology Specialist/CTE/Webmaster

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