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This Page has Links to Other parts of the WWW.

Sonic News
This site may be called "Sonic News", but this site has a whole ton more then just news!
Pokémon paradise
This is a good site with a good size Message Board community and Pokémon information.
The Unofficial World of Nintendo
This is a HUMONGOUS site dedicated to all Nintendo games and systems, you'll definately want to stop here on your way out.
Great site that covers Magic the Gathering, DBZ, Gundam Universe, Pokémon, Anime, Digimon and Harry Potter.
Likely the Biggest Fan Fiction archive on the net some categories have over 5,000 fics!
The Official Nintendo site
The Nintendo of America official site.
The official Sega site
The SEGA of America official site.
The Sonic Foundation
One of(if not) the best Sonic site on the net today, great content, message boards, and more.
Planet Tony Hawk
A site solely dedicated to the Tony Hawk's Pro Skater Series.
Super Mario Brothers Land
A great site dedicated to the Super Mario brothers.
Super Mario Brothers Headquarters
Very similar to SMB Land.
This is a great link archive not just dedicated to Video Games (though it takes up a big part of it!), but to others subjects as well.
Game Faqs
Likely (if not) the biggest, most humongeous all platform site ran by one person and all submissions. Thousands of FAQs, reviews, codes and game saves. HUGE Message Board community, look for Master Gamer64 (that's me!)
Game Sages
This site has over 50,000 codes, not kidding! This is Another huge site.
Skill Pill
What my boards and guestbooks run off of, get your own!
This is a huge database of game links to cheats, guides, reviews and sites.

The official Star Fox 64 site.
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