Mills E. Godwin High School Community Service Coordinator
October 19 - 28, 2019
Still looking for a place to fit in - here are two still in need of you.
+Sunrise Assisted Living - check below for details.
+Immigrant and Refugee Homework Tutoring - check below for details.

                                                           Community Service for the 2019 - 2020 School Year

                                                                   WELCOME TO A NEW SCHOOL YEAR!
Each Social Studies class has a list of hours. Please check this to be sure the hours are correct. Let Mrs. Bryant know if there are errors (room 55).

                                     Thank you for considering helping others. What a gift you have to share!!!

~~~~Community Service in high school is purely voluntary. It is not tied to graduation or the type of diploma you receive, but you may earn a CSL seal for your diploma if 80 hour or more of qualify service is completed by April of your Senior year. The steps are listed below. All forms may be obtained from your Social Studies teacher.

STEPS: (not a requirement for graduation).
** A student will have contributed 80 hours or more to a qualifying group, agency or person such as:
Qualifying i.e CARITAS, Habitat for Humanity, Science Museum, Public Libraries. Programs that offer secular education opportunities (tutoring,
     Non-Qualifying i.e. volunteering at a pool to sell food or clean-up, selling food as a fund-raiser at any school event/program/camp, painting religious
      buildings or classrooms, teaching religious classes, etc. See the link below for further details on this
**If you have any questions please contact Mrs. Bryant at acbryant@henrico.k12.va.us.

1)   Volunteers at Sunrise may work on specialty projects like helping to keep our community library organized, help at special events we host monthly, participate in friendly visiting programs, share a special skill or talent (helping residents to learn how to use features on their smartphones or use the computers, making crafts, dance recital, music performances, etc). 
(This would not be service but is available. -There is also have a few paid hours on the weekends and on some select Monday and Friday afternoon/evenings equaling about 6-7 hours weekly).
Contact:Vikki Fleming , Resident Programs Director,Sunrise Villa Tuckahoe
12401 Gayton Road, Richmond, VA 23238
Direct: 804-741-1011 
STOP BY ROOM 55 for the Application 

2) Immigrant and Refugee Homework Tutoring - Wednesdays from 6:30 until 8 at Third Church on Forest (grades K - 12). Contact Andi Redmond at 720-0740 or andi.redmond6@gmail.com. More information on the bulletin board outside of room 55.

3)Friends Association for Children - "Imagine What is Possible" information on the bulletin board outside of room 55. This is a program that helps children with learning different musical instruments. Contact Lisa Pauley at 644-2357 or at lpauley@friendsrva.org.

Useful links found below has more details about Community Service and organizations that offer opportunities.


Useful links
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