Mills E. Godwin High School Community Service Coordinator
Community Service School Year 2020-2021
November 30 - Dec. 4
<>Service over the Break? Don't forget to write-it-up and submit your hours. Thank you for all you do!!

                                               Community Service for the Fall of 2020
Thank you for reaching out to help others. What an honor and gift you have to share!!!
Community Service in high school is purely voluntary. It is not tied to graduation or the type of diploma you receive, but you may earn a CSL seal for your diploma if 80 hour or more of qualify service is completed by April of your Senior year (the Class of 2021 - will need 50 hours). The steps are listed below. If you have any questions let me know.
Submissions may be made at: https://forms.gle/yg3oHMEZsesk93ic7. You must be on your Henrico county account to submit.
*You do not need an official log sheet - a self-made log sheet, letter, spreadsheet, etc. be sure to include:
*your grade level and your name
*name of a supervisor-someone that can verify these hours/work
*dates of activity
*what the activity is/was.
+IF you have service from the past and cannot get a signature still submit your work.
I will contact you if I have questions. If you wish an official log sheet (or have questions) email Mrs. Bryant at - acbryant@henrico.k12.va.us.                                                
STEPS: (not a requirement for graduation).
** A student will have contributed 80 hours or more to a qualifying group, agency or person that is above the requirement for any other school organization (Key Club, Keyettes, etc.) such as:
QUALIFYING: i.e. CARITAS, Habitat for Humanity, Science Museum, Public Libraries. Programs that offer secular education opportunities (tutoring, etc.).
     NON-QUALITIFYING: i.e. volunteering at a pool to sell food or clean-up, clean tennis courts, selling food as a fund-raiser at any school event/program/camp, painting religious buildings/classrooms, teaching religious classes, or using the same points to fulfill a club or organizations requirements, etc. See the link below for further details on this

**If you have any questions please contact Mrs. Bryant at acbryant@henrico.k12.va.us.
~Great Opportunity: Be a virtual volunteer. Keyettes have worked with Friendship Circle in the past, and it’s a lovely organization. In this case, two students would be paired with a young person with a disability, and they’d meet one hour a week, virtually. Go to:info@friendshipcircleva.org>

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