Oral English Grammar Activities
Welcome to Grammar Crackers, a group of quizzes and games keyed to English syntax and morphology. It's simple: click on one of the games listed in blue and begin! You may want to enter this under your "favorites" tab on your browser.

I recently revamped this site after years away from it. Please feel free to let ME hear from and about YOU!  Just send me an email to the address in the upper right corner, (where I was caught fishin') and let me know things like what activities worked, which didn't; b) tell me if you found one of my many mistakes, c) if you would like to see another type of activity added.


                      May this site be as cozy to you as our dog Trixie was to us!

My Quia activities and quizzes
Adjectives Column Match I
Match 10 words to their description
Adjectives Column Match II
Match 10 words to their description
Adjectives Column Match III
Match 10 words to their description
Comparatives & Superlatives I
Choose the correct -er, -est ending in story context
Comparative/Superlative Pop-Up
Complete story with -er, -est or other adjective
Conjunction-itis Popup
Choose the correct conjunction from 3 options
Deerly Departed Story Fill-in
Choose 1 of 4 possible words to complete the story.
Given a oral language form, provide an example
Grammar Matching
Match 10 grammar forms to their examples
Grammar Parts Challenge
Select the noun, pronoun or verb
Irregular Nouns
Match 10 irregular nouns with their plural forms
Irregular verbs I
Match irregular verb with its past tense! (4 activities).
Irregular verbs group 1
4 Activities using verbs with irregular forms
Make-A-Sentence Battleship
Given noun, verb & object, make up a full sentence
Noun & Verb Agree?
Use the correct verb form with the noun form given.
Possessive or Plural Popup Choice
Choose the possessive or plural in a sentence.
Pronoun Poppers 1
Decide the pronoun to use at the front of a sentence.
Pronoun Poppers 2
Use the correct pronoun to complete a sentence.
Reflexive Pronoun Ladder
Fill in the sentence with the right the "self" pronoun
Pronunciation of simple past tense ed
Verbs and Plurals
Use the regular or irregular verb or plural form
Singular-Plural Nouns (Regular and Irregular Forms)
Match singular nouns with right plural nouns (3 activ.)
Singular and Plural Nouns
Match singular and plural nouns (4 activities)
Verbs: Past Tense Irregular Choice
Finish sentences using irregular past tense verb
WH Question Match
Match the "Wh" question to what you are asking
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