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Welcome to J's Webpage... It's really simple and is full of words...

Ready for Summer School!

For Our Health - Fitness & Swimming

1. Spring Hill Recreation Center: In Front of Spring Hill Elementary School
2. Sports & Health: Between Margarity Rd & Old Meadow Rd Near Westgate Elementary School

*Below are ten quotes from "Modernized Romeo and Juliet in Norfolk" by Jae-hyung Shim...

Actors: Jae-hyung Shim (Juliet), Hyung-soo Kim (Romeo), Seung-mo Kang (Narrator/Mercutio), Jong-kuk Kim (Tybalt/Friar).

*Performed on June 14, 2000 in Mr. Behm's Class

1. "Two households,
both alike in dignity,
in fair Norfolk..."

2. "Good morrow everyone,
how are you today?"

3. "My cousin,
Like the brightest star in the sky,

4. "Oh, god...
I'm fortune's fool!"

5. "Wherefore are thou Romeo,
and the name of Montague?"

6. "Hit me, bite me, kille me,
and throw me away,
I'm such a bad guy."

7. "You have to love forever
with no betrayal."

8. "Oh, this airport
becomes the place
where happiness
and sadness are crossed..."

9. "I'll follow your way...!"

10. "But because of his death,
my life is done, too..."
                              (From "Modernized R&J in Norfolk" by Jae-hyung Shim)

*Information: English 9 Trans. Lecture Units

1. The Old Man and the Sea (by Ernest Hemingway)
2. Poetry and Haiku
3. The Odyssey (by Homer)
4. The House on Mango Street (by Sandra Cisneros) and Vignette
5. Of Mice and Men (by John Steinbeck)
6. Romeo and Juliet (by William Shakespeare)

Ready for Summer School!
At Falls Church High School: July 11 to August 10, 2000

AOL Instant Messanger ID: interstate64

#Interstate 64 is a long highway which starts from Hampton Roads Area.  I want to cross this highway from Virginia Beach to Charleston, WV.

*Explanations of my E-mail ID's

1. musiclover002: Musiclover means a person who likes music much, and 002 symbolizes Second violin section of orchestra.

2. virginius014: Virginius means a Virginian+genius, and 014 is my class number in Korea.

3. interstate66: It's a highway name which connect between Washington DC/Arlington (Key Bridge) and Front Royal/I-81 Junction.

4. interstate95: it's also a highway name which connect the northernmost area of Eastcoast (Canadian Customs Border in Maine) and the southernmost area of eastcoast (Miami).

My Clubs...

>>>DSC (Diplomatic Students Club): Jae-hyung Shim, Hyung-soo Kim, Jong-kuk Kim, Seung-mo Kang

>>>The Chatterers (ESL Project Team): So-hee Park, Jae-hyung Shim, Hyung-soo Kim

>>>MHS Symphonic Strings (Advanced Orchestra) of 99-00 School Year: You-na Han, Na-young Kim, Jae-hyung Shim, Nick Choi

Have a nice l'estate...
You-na, DSC Members, The Chatterers, Min-kook, Soon-joon, Youjin, Hyun-koo, Kyu-jin, Yoon-seok, Na-young, Nick, Kazumi, Fahad, Naveen, Mrs. Sandberg, Dr. Ben-Barka, Mrs. Ryan, Mrs. Evans, Mrs. Duggan, Mrs. Smalls, Dr. Banbury, Mr. Behm, and many others who I know!  Okay?  See you next year if the God allows, but...

Adieu, So-hee (Leader of The Chatterers)...
I had a wonderful time with you even it was short.  You led me and Hyung-soo in "The Chatterers" with nice leadership and kindness.  Though you go to Episcopal Private High School in Alexandria, don't forget us!  I'm really appreciated you to become our team leader, to come to our concert and to congratulate me...  Now, I'm so sad to say "farewell!..."  Good-bye, Sohee...  

Coming soon...
What a nice to have a summer vacation! (From June 22)

MHS Orchetra Final Concert
Make sure to bring your camera!
1) Date: June 8, 2000 (Thurs.)
2) Time
a. Dinner- 6:30 to 8:00 at Muitipurpose Room (Asian Food)
b. Concert- 8:00 to (around) 9:00 at MHS Auditorium
3) Director: Mrs. Sandberg, Gretta (MHS Orchestra)
4) Bring $5 for wonderful dinner! You must pay the money infront of Multipurpose Room before you go in.
5) If you can come, notice that our concert may ends later than 9:00 PM.  You've to ask your parents to ride you between 9:00 and 9:15.
6) Music for our Symphonic Orchestra
-"Summer" from "Four Seasons" by Antonio Vivaldi with Violin Soloist
-"Traumerai" by Robert Schumann
-"Symphonia Concertante" by Charles Stamitz with Viola and Violin Soloists
-"Piano Concerto" by Haydn with Piano Soloist

A. Summer Vacation will begin on June 22...
Ready for the summer school?
Or... Are you planning for go somewhere, or hear many songs you like?
Search your favorite place in

B. Summer School will start on July 10 in Falls Church High School.  We have to be ready for that...
8:00 AM through 2:00 PM - School bus arrives Spring Hill ES at 6:50, and it arrives McLean HS at 7:10. Don't be late!

Falls Church High School
7521 Jaguar Dr., Falls Church, VA 22042
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