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THE LAST DAY TO HAND IN ANY WORK FOR THE 4th QUARTER IS June 15th - I will be attending a workshop and will not be here the last week of school -

Lab Safety Contract
The Story of Stuff

Classroom Expectations Power Point - this is the power point from the first days of school
Note Taking Power Point
Lab Safety Power Point
Severe Weather Power-Point

Lab 1 Record Sheet Measurement and Safety ----------- Lab 1 Rubric Measurement and Safety

Project 1: Land, Sea, and Climate Change - you will have to choose from 2 different projects either you can complete the Lexus PowerPoint or a poster on investigating or solving an environmental problem - If you wish you may complete your project on severe weather - or with approval you may choose another topic. We will be in the library for at least 6 class periods and the project will be Due by October 7, 2016.

Lexus Power Point
Multimedia Project Templete
Poster Rubric
Calendar and Rubric
Design and Prototype
Hurricane Tracking
My Quia activities and quizzes
Science Laboratory Safety Test
Due November 27
Academic ENVR - Chapter 15 Vocabulary
Due November 27
AP ENVR C-14 Fossil Fuels
Scientific Method Due October 24, 2016
Academic ENVR - Chapter 16 Vocabulary
The story of Carbon Trade
Academic ENVR - Chapter 14 Vocabulary
2nd Quarterly - Environmental Science
2nd Quarterly Review Questions
ENVR Chapter 10 Vocabulary
Chapter 11 Vocabulary
3rd Quarterly Review
3rd Quarterly ENVR
Chapter 12 - Part I Vocabulary - ENVR SCI
Chapter 12 - Part II Vocabulary - ENVR SCI
Academic ENVR - Chapter 17 Vocabulary
Academic ENVR - Chapter 18 Vocabulary
Academic ENVR - Chapter 19
Quarterly Assessment 4 - Academic Environmental Science
Chapter 15 Test
Useful links
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