jalley Mrs. Alley
Timberwood Middle School Reading Teacher
Welcome to 7th grade reading!

In my developmental reading classes, we are reading a class novel called The Face on the Milk Carton, a suspense novel by Caroline Cooney. The classes are enjoying a variety of activities with the novel, including literature circles, discussions, and guided reading, and independent reading. They can also listen to the book on tape and follow along. If a student has been absent, he / she can put on a set of headphones and listen to the chapters that were missed.

In the lab classes, we are beginning autoskills, a computer program that helps improve reading decoding skills. We are finishing a read-aloud novel called The Lottery Rose by Irene Hunt. The kids love the book. They are working on active listening skills, predicting outcomes, and chapter mapping.
All of my students practice independent reading where they spend a few minutes at the beginning of each period engaged in silent sustained reading (SSR). This is a time when they are free to choose an appropriate library book or a book from my classroom, or a book from home. At the end of each SSR period, they write down a response in their SSR Log. Once they complete a book, they are to take a test on the computer (Accelerated Reader) or complete a variety of other assignments. This can be a project, role play, summary, and several other choices.
My philosophy that I want students to find a hook, that book that will lure them into reading. My ultimate goal is to encourage a life-long love for reading. Many of my students don't like to read, or at least they don't think they do. My motto is that if they dont'like to read, they haven't found the right book.
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