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Critique #3

The book critique #3 is due on Friday, December 3rd.  Late papers will be penalized.  There are a few changes in criteria for this critique, so please take note.

  1. This book critique should be a review or summary of the book you read.  Details are important, but it is not necessary to retell all the events of the story.  Only the main points of the story need to be told in order to give “an idea” of what the book is about.
  2. Please write clear, concise, and well thought out sentences.  Be careful not to make the sentences too wordy and to keep your thoughts organized and together.  We have worked on sentence fragments, run-on sentences, compound sentences, informal English, and formal English.  Write your sentences carefully.
  3. PROOFREAD your paper SEVERAL times.  Read your paper OUT LOUD several times, and get someone else to also proofread your paper for you.  Reading a paper out loud will help you find hidden or difficult to find mistakes.
  4. Your critique is to be NO LONGER THAN TWO PAGES.  TWO PAGES OR SHORTER.  TWO (2) PAGES ONLY!!!!  Any additional pages will not be read.
  5. Courier New or Times New Roman.  12 point font.  1 inch margins.  Double-spaced.  Title page with name, date, teacher, and name of assignment.  
  6. Your Critique needs to include
    • a brief introduction including the title of the book and the author.
    • Next, include a review of the book stating what happened and who was involved.
    • Discuss the main ideas and events that are important to the story line.
    • State an aesthetic response to the book.  This means to state how the book made you feel.  Discuss how the book affected you.  Do not say “I liked the book and I think everyone should read it.”  That tells me nothing.  Do discuss the emotions that you felt while reading the book.
    • Finally, state a conclusion.  Put an end to your paper, a closing.  In your conclusion, you may want to write something about the theme or the message that the author was trying to convey.

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