My Quia activities and quizzes
/CH/ final Hangman
/SH/ Final activities
AIRing Out!
"AR" you there???
"ARE" you having fun?
Articulate /f/
Batt "L" ship
Batt "L" ship
CHurCH Search
Final /th/
final ch words
Final vocalic R words
Final/ER/ Thesaurus (Articulation/ER/ and Synonyms)
Guess the /s/ words
Hangman for /s/
Initial /L/-Thesaurus (Articulation/L and Synonyms)
Initial /r/
Initial /R/-Thesaurus (Articulation/r/ and Synonyms)
Initial /s/
Initial /s/ Who Wants to be a Millionaire
Initial /S/-Thesaurus (Articulation /s/ and Synonyms)
Initial /SH/-Thesaurus (Articulation/SH/ and Synonyms)
Initial /TH/-Thesaurus (Articulation/TH/ and Synonyms)
L Dorado Ladder
Martha's S-blend Challenge
medial /ch/ words
Middle R Attack
Minimal Pairs with "r" and "w"
Mixed activity for r, r blends, s,z, s blends, l, l blends
r and r blends
R Battleship game
R Battleship--Beginning r's single syllable
r blend phrases
r blends
R Hangman
R in Final Position Battleship
"r" jumbled words
R Phrase Hangman
"R" you there?
R's Everywhere!
S and Z Battleship
S and Z hangman
S initial word Battleship
Sm, Sn Str Practice
V Middle One
Vocabulary: Halloween Hangman - with / r / words
Vocabulary: Halloween Hangman - with / s, z / words
Vocabulary: Thanksgiving - Hangman - with / r / sound
Win OR Lose!
Win OR Lose!
EAR Vocalic r
S Battleship
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