MOAS, 2015
Wilmington Friends School Teacher, club sponsor, and student of history and philosophy
My Quia activities and quizzes
MOAS-01 Latin America: Geography
MOAS-02 Latin America: Countries and Locations
MOAS-03: OAS History
MOAS-04: Latin American Physical Geography
MOAS-05: International Organizations
MOAS-06: US involvement in Latin America
MOAS-07: MOAS Parliamentary Rules
MOAS-08: Current Affairs
MOAS-09: Economic Development in Latin America
MOAS-10:Cultural Development in Latin America
MOAS-11: Political Development in Latin America
MOAS-12: Colonialism in South America
MOAS-13: Colonialism in the Carribean
MOAS-14a: Haitian History
MOAS-14b: Uruguayan History
MOAS-15a: Haitian Economy
MOAS-15b: Key facts about Uruguay
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