Viajes por satélite - La Alhambra y Teotihuacán
Viajes por satélite - La Alambra (España) y Teotihuacán (México)

Instructions: In this Viaje, we will visit two important cultural centers on two different continents.  The first is the Alhambra, the important political/cultural center during the Moorish reign in Spain, and later the center of the Spanish Royalty immediately before and after the Voyage of Discovery of Christopher Columbus (Cristóbal Colón).  The second is the historical/cultural center of Teotihuacán, Mexico where the largest pyramids are located.  As you visit these places, zoom in and find different images that people have upload.  Also, click on the “W” icons in Google Earth to read articles about the palaces, pyramids, and places you see.  We are also providing additional websites on these places to enhance your Viaje.

Click on the Google Map link below and answer the following questions.  Then, turn them into your instructor for credit in the 3 Cs component of your grade.


1. After visiting the Alhambra, what does its name stand for?

2. When was this palace constructed by the Moorish inhabitants?

3. Who, would you say, is one of the greatest remodelers of the Alhambra after 1492? (Hint: look for the square palace with the round center)

4. Some of the most beautiful views of the Alhambra are from the Albayzín (or Albaicín) district (just to the north of the Alhambra).  Try to find some images from the Mirador San Nicolás.   What are your impressions of the Alhambra?  

5. Who were some of the artists/writers inspired by the Alhambra? (Hint: see Wikipedia articles in Google Earth)

6. Now, let’s travel to Mexico, search for Teotihuacan, Mexico.  Zoom in to see the two largest pyramids.  What are they called?

7. Which one is the largest?

8. What is the name of the street that runs between the two pyramids?

9. When were the earliest buildings constructed? (Hint: see Wikipedia article)

10. What does the name “Teotihuacán” mean?

11. The two sites that we have visited had a tremendous impact on the countries in which they are located.  Please explain what you understand now about these two places.  What are their similarities?  What are their differences?

12. Which of these two places would you rather visit?  Why?

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