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Objective:  (1B) Compare, contrast, and appropriately use the various input processing, output and primary/secondary storage devices.


1.  Read the information provided below.
2.  Look at the examples of input and storage devices by following the URL links below.
3.  Use the URL below to study the vocabulary with flashcards. Pay special attention to the definitions as this is how you will compare and contrast the various devices and know how to choose (and use) the appropriate device.
4.  Play the matching and concentration games until you know the terms.
5.  Take the quiz for practice.
6.  To take the quiz for a grade, go to the Quia Homepage (URL link below).  Click on the Quiz Sessions icon.  In the Sessions Name field, enter objective 1b. Enter your name, answer the questions, and press the submit button when done.


The term data refers to information.  Data has a pattern, a flow.  Data flow is divided into three stages:  input, processing,output, and storage.  Input refers to ways we get information into a computer or computer system.  Processing refers to the manipulation or changing by the computer of the information which has been input.  Output refers to what the user receives after data has been processed.  Storage is the step in data flow whereby the information is saved electronically as a file. In a computer system, there are specific devices which carry out the flow of data.  Input devices are used to get information into the computer (see the web page below for examples of input devices); processing is done by the central processing unit; output devices present the data to the user, either physically (paper), graphically, or auditorily; storage devices vary according to the users needs (see web page below for examples).
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Input, Processing, Output and Storage Devices
Objective 1B
Input, Processing, Output, and Storage Devices
Objective 1B
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