NYSTEA Scavenger Hunt
Pleasantville High School Science Department Chairperson


Scavenger Hunt
Complete your Quest…Collect all clues and solve scrabble​​20 points

One ping pong ball 1 point
A team photo on the waggle ball court​ 3 points
Photo: your team on a drift wood chair  3 points
The room number for the teacher hospitality suite  1 point
Who is the employee of the year 2012? 1 point
Where is the location of x 4263. 3 points
4 team members take a photo with a waiter or waitress while pretending to be statues.  3 points
One yellow sock   1 point
One textbook   1 point
Sheet music  1 point
A picture with 2 NYSTEA officials (wearing their shirts)
1 luggage tag  1 point

Photo: Write something cool on the Wall

1 sugar packet  1 point

1 receipt from the gift store  1 point

A business card  1 point

A NYSTEA souvenir item  1 point

The inner tube from a roll of toilet paper.  1 point

An autograph from someone with the first name that begins with the letter “J”; extra points if their name is “Jordan”  1 point/3 points

Picture: Entire team's reflection in something other than a mirror  3 points

Picture: Entire team in a bathtub or shower (with clothes on of course...) (extra points if anyone is wearing shower caps on their head) 2 points/ 4 points

Picture: Entire team on a slide   3 points

Video: The whole team doing the Macarena dance together in a public place  8 points

Photo:The place where you will find a pair of flippers (not the pool) 2 points

Nail file  1 point

Photo: a stranger giving a group member a piggyback ride 1 point

Photo: Team wearing tattoo’s on their arms (tattoo’s hidden at one of the quest locations) 5 points

Team Building: Each team member makes a bracelet (hidden at one of the quest locations) 15 points.

Tourist Brochure  1 point

Villa Roma Map (unfolded) 2 points

Team: Your team sings a few lines from the song Impossible Dream in the dining room.  5 points

Tea bag  1 point

Photo: Build a tower out of plastic cups and take a group photo

1 metal hanger  1 point

1 brochure from Elmira 1 point

5 raffle tickets 1 point

villa Roma pad of paper 2 pts

Find the hidden golden (plastic) spoon hidden in the mezzanine​​5 points

Photo: Emergency Procedure Rules  2 points

Photo: Your team planking on the racquetball court  5 points

Photo: A picture of a lifeguard  2 points

Video: 4 teams members acting out an earthquake scene in the main lobby.  5 points

1 unbroken cookie 2 points

Improv member signature  2 points

Photo: Team tubing on the hill  4 points

Photo: Team in the hot tub   4 points

Name of the song with the code “text me for code“  2 points

How many flavors of ice-cream are sold    1 point

Video: 3 members of your team doing the gypsy audition dance from our show. 5 points

How many "kittys" are in the korner? 1 point

Why would you text Lesa?b2 pts

Name 3 local heros? 3 pts

Photo: team member holding the Italian flag 2 points

A toothpick in a wrapper.  1 point

Photo: 1 team member drinking water from a h2o fountain with a person on their back. 2 pts

1 packet of honey. 1 pt

Where did krazy Kathleen go to hs during her senior year? 2 points

Text for up to 5 find photo images. Once you find where the picture was taken take a photo of your group with or in front on the object.  3 pts each

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