VA Studies Review
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Famous Virginians
History - Virginia Studies VS.3a-c - 4th grade - Review cards
Jamestown--VS.3--Game 3
Products and Industries
SOL VS.10a The Government of Virginia (updated Feb 2011)
SOL VS.10b Products and Industries of Virginia's Regions
SOL VS.10b Products and Industries of Virginia's Regions (revised Feb 2011)
SOL VS.2a,b Bordering States & VA Regions ( with map) revised 2010
SOL VS.2a,b Bordering States and Regions (no map) - (NEW))
SOL VS.2c River Match-up (new)
SOL VS.2c Virginia's Rivers (revised)
SOL VS.2d Indian Language Groups (revised 2010)
SOL VS.2d Indian Language Group pop-up (revised 2010)
SOL VS.2e American Indians and their Environment (revised)
SOL VS.3a England Wants a Colony - (cloze) (revised 2010)
SOL VS.3bc Why Jamestown? & The Charters
SOL VS.3d The Virginia Assembly (cloze)
SOL VS.3d The Virginia Assembly Rags to Riches
SOL VS.3e --The Arrival of Women and Africans in Jamestown
SOL VS.3g - Jamestown and the Powhatans matchup
SOL VS.4a -- Tobacco and Slavery
SOL VS.4b --Close paragraph on Cultural Landscapes
SOL VS.4c - The Capital Moves---Jamestown-->Williamsburg --> Richmond
SOL VS.4d Money, Barter and Credit
SOL VS.4d Money, Barter and Credit in Jamestown
SOL VS.5 Colonial Timeline (Easiest short version with dates)
SOL VS.5a England and the Virginia Colony Disagree
SOL VS.5a Jefferson and the Declaration of Independence
SOL VS.5a,b,c Revolutionary Matchup (rev. 2010)
SOL VS.5b Virginia and the Revolutionary War
SOL VS.6a Virginians- Washington and Madison
SOL VS.6b - George Mason and the Virginia Declaration of Rights
SOL VS.6b - Jefferson and the Statute for Religious Freedom
SOL VS.6b --Big Best Matching Game
SOL VS.6c -Virginians move south and west
SOL VS.7a --A Divided Nation and Divided Virginia-- Millionaire Game
SOL VS.7b Major Civil War Battles
SOL VS.8, VS.9 Matching Game
SOL VS.8c Virginia Grows after Reconstruction - self check
SOL VS.8c Virginia Grows after Reconstruction -miniquiz (2-11)
SOL VS.9a - 20th Century Virginia - Rural to Urban Virginia
SOL VS.9b Desegregation and Massive Resistance
SOL VS.9bc Walker, Byrd, Ashe, Wilder. Holton (2/11)
Terms to Know
VA history Miniquiz - Assemblies and Burgesses
VA History Mini-quiz --Tobacco and Slavery
VA History Miniquiz Jamestown and Charters
Virginia's Climate and American Indians
Virginia's People Virginia's Indians Rags to Riches
VS.8 JAVA Reconstruction
VS.9a-c 20th Century Matching
S1-1st Nine Weeks
S2-2nd Nine Weeks
SOL VS.8b After Reconstruction -Jim Crow Laws and Segregation -TRUE or FALSE
SS10-VS.9a-c 20th Century
SS11-VS.10a Virginia Government
SS1-VS.2a,c Virginia's Bordering States & VA Bodies of Water
SS2-VS.2a-b & VS.10b-c Virginia's Five Regions & Products
SS3-VS.2d-g Virginia's American Indian Language Groups
SS4-VS.3 Jamestown
SS5-VS.4a-d Economics in Jamestown
SS6-VS.5a-c, VS.6c Revolutionary War
SS7-VS.6a-c Political Growth and Western Expansion
SS8-VS.7a-c Civil War Power Quiz
SS9-VS.8a-c Reconstruction Power Quiz
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