Foundations of Agriculture
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Welcome to Agriculture I,currently Foundations of Agriculture, Food, and Natural Resources

Course Description

Suggested Grade Level: 9 10;See link below for Task List
This course is designed to develop competencies in each of the career pathways as they pertain to agricultural education, including the areas of Virginia’s agriculture industry; the global scope of agriculture; scientific research concepts in plant, animal, and food science; principles of leadership and opportunities within student organizations; agribusiness and Supervised Agricultural Experience program opportunities; agricultural skills and safety in power, structural, and technical systems; and natural resources and environmental systems.
Objectives for this course enable students to experience and develop a knowledge of local career opportunities; develop leadership potential and reasoning skills; gain a knowledge of agricultural orientation and literacy; gain knowledge and understanding of supervised agricultural experience programs as well as knowledge and skills involved in basis agricultural mechanics; understand the basic knowledge related to soil science; gain knowledge and understanding of basic plant science and basic livestock management; develop safe work habits; and incorporate, apply, and reinforce related Virginia SOLs.

Resources include, but are not limited to, textbooks, videos, guest speakers, field trips, land laboratory, and agricultural mechanics laboratory.

Student assessment will include, but not be limited to, projects, reports, written tests, oral evaluation, individual instruction, career development events, group involvement, class participation, and hands-on instruction.

Class Expectations Every student is expected to be present in order to get full credit! Many activities(shop assignments) cannot be made-up after that date due to equipment setup,etc. ~Be prompt! We have limited "time", so every minute counts. Students will be expected to keep record books on in-school and out-of-school work experiences. This will be required each week and recorded in an provided work book.

FFA Membership is strongly encouraged . It is an important part of the total agricultural education program. Membership allows students to explore many facits of careers while enhancing their learning opportunities through Career Development Events (contests) such as forestry judging, small engine troubleshooting, public speaking and many more. Annual dues including a club t-shirt are $25 due by August 30. After Labor Day, t-shirts will not be included.

LIST for 2014-15:
The following items are needed for classes: PENCIL,PEN and PAPER! Each student is expected to be responsible enough to bring the required item everyday. A 1 inch 3 ring binder and one subject notebook will be fine.

Assignments for the week of August 25: Students will research career options in agriculture and do an oral presentation in class of their results. Library computer. Search two days; evaluation will be based on the completion of fields of research as provided. Presentation will be daily grade and used as a practice exercise. Students will follow up on the parliamentary procedure as used for FFA meetings. Ag 1 Pacing Guide
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