Ag Business Operations
Patrick Henry High School
Course Description Suggested Grade Level: 11 12 Wherever possible, students participate in cooperative on-the-job training programs with local agricultural businesses. The curriculum emphasizes off-farm agricultural occupations, business procedures, merchandising, marketing, and agricultural business management. Instruction is provided in agricultural product knowledge, agricultural mechanics, plant science, and leadership development.

Course competency and task list available :see link below

Class Expectations Every student is expected to be present in order to get full credit! Many activities(shop assignments) cannot be made-up after that date due to equipment setup,etc. ~Be prompt! We have limited "time", so every minute counts. Students will be expected to keep record books on in-school and out-of-school work experiences. This will be required each week and recorded in an provided work book.

FFA Membership is strongly encouraged . It is an important part of the total agricultural education program. Membership allows students to explore many facits of careers while enhancing their learning opportunities through Career Development Events (contests) such as forestry judging, small engine troubleshooting, public speaking and many more. Dues are $25 which includes an FFA t-shirt. After August 30, t-shirts will not be provided with the dues. ) All Co-op students are required to become members. The FFA is a national organization dedicated to preparing members for leadership and careers in the science, business, and technology of agriculture. Local, state, and national activities and award programs provided opportunities to apply knowledge and skills acquired through agriculture education.

Material list: Pencils/pens, small spiral notebook, 3 ring binder( 1")
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