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Most of the games will be of general interest to ALL levels of French learning. If you have a friend who also studies French, I suggest you get together and play the two-player games! It is a lot more fun!
Scroll down below and practice your French by playing games! There are vocabulary, grammar and cultural games.
My Quia activities and quizzes
French pronunciation
English words with foreign origins! - Lafky
Jeopardy: Greetings, Nationalities, Numbers IN FRENCH
FRENCH Number Math 1 - 20
Les mathématiques
French numbers (1 - 20)
Numbers 0-20
La famille
8T1 (1) Il fait ..... its many meanings FRENCH
Clothing - French 1
Classroom Objects Group 1 - 3 HANGMAN FRENCH
La Nourriture Et Les Boissons FRENCH
être sentences
Bon Voyage 1 Chapitre 1- structure
le verbe "aller"
FR1 geography #1
Adjective Agreement 1
Vouloir and Pouvoir
Days, Months and Seasons in French
2:4C Weather-MANIA! ...and seasons too.
Paris Monuments
Fr 1 Leçon 09 UN or UNE?
Bon Voyage 1 F Vocab
Le transport
Prélude 1 & 2 Vocab HANGMAN
Chez Nous Chapitre 1
French Fever- First Challenge
French Non-Verb Vocabulary Unit 1 Salut les Amis CHALLENGE BOARD
Madame Gerst - French 1 - Bienvenue - vocab
Try to win a million smackers! Oh là là! French Culture
French reflexive verbs in the Present Tense
Madame Gerst - French 1 - Chapitre 2 - vocab
Animals / School subjects in French (Métro 1 Chapter 3)
C'est à toi 1: 7C French Contractions "au, à la, à l', aux"
Fr 1 - Chapter 1
Unit 1 lecon 1 La rentree
Fr 1 - Chapter 2 / F to E
Fr 1 - Chapter 2 / E to F
etre - final quiz
ETRE and descriptive adjectives
AV1 Ch 7-2 Pop-ups Etre
Verbs that take Etre in the past tense
être forms present tense: Ordered List Activity
Le verbe être
Au café FRENCH
Countries of Europe
French foods
Food and Drink IN FRENCH
La nourriture 1 FRENCH FOOD
Numbers 1-100 FRENCH
Theme Chapitre 4 - aller
Do you want to be a millionaire? Yes! then try this - Des directions.
C'est Noël !!!!
La Chandeleur-French holiday- Mme Lafky
Francophone Trivia (II) vf
Le Passé Composé Avec Avoir
Passé Composé être
Le Passé Composé Avec Avoir ou Etre
le passé composé
tense consolidation
DF BLANC: RÉVISION pour l'examen final: le passé composé
Le Passé Composé
Français Imparfait und Passé composé Beginn 2. Lernjahr
Les Temps du Passé
The past tense (French)
The Future Tense in French
How to talk about the past in French!
Imparfait et Passé Composé
Les Vacances
Airport POP-UPS
Idiomatic French Course Glossary week 07 VACANCES RAGS TO RICHES
French Quiz
Paris Monuments
Les Boissons et La Nourriture
"Les Provinces" (AMSCO1)
Le Tour de France
C'est à toi 2: 4B The Imperative of Reflexive Verbs
C'est à toi 2: 4C Reflexive Verbs in the Past Tense
C'est à toi 3: 2B Reflexive Verbs in the Imperative A Review
C'est à toi 3: 2B Reflexive Verbs in the passé composé - i A Review
Fr 3 Unité 1 Partie 1 Reflexive verbs tu commands
Level 2 Chapitre 4
basic questions on les verbes pronominaux
Likes and dislikes in French: aimer, préférer, adorer, détester,s'il vous plaît
Who wants to be a millionaire? Trivia quiz on Lafky's online class!
AP French Qui,que,dont (AV3 chap 9)
C'est vs Il est
The French Revolution
French Revolution and Napoleon
15 Famous impressionists and Post-impressionists.
La Vie des Peintres du XIXème siècle
18 famous painters and 18 famous paintings
Art History
9th grade: French Revolution Review sections 1 and 2 only
9th grade: French Revolution sections 3 and 4
Enlightenment and French Revolution Test
Enlightenment and French Revolution Test
French Revolution NEW Test
The French Revolution
French Revolution Test
The French Revolution (Final Test)
French Revolution - Part II
Enlightenment and French Revolution
French Revolution & Napoleon Millionaire
SS 10, French Revolution, Ch. 23, Sect. 2
SS 10, French Revolution, Ch. 23, Section 1
Unit #2 Test: Enlightenment and French Rev.
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