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Making A Difference Elementary, Language Arts Dept.  
The students at Making a Difference Elementary School are examples of how to transform challenges, obstacles and hardships into triumphs.  
     We are one family with a huge multicultural population.  We love learning with and from each other.  For example,as an assignment for a Literature-Based/Language Arts Unit, we are currently reading Bette Bao Lord's "The Year of the Boar and Jackie Robinson". This is a story about a little girl, Shirley Temple Wong (bandit) and her family who moved from China to live in Brooklyn, New York, U.S.  Also it's about Shirley's experiences that turned many adversities into opportunities for success and how she came to admire a baseball player, Mr. Jackie Robinson, who did the same. Shirley's skills in playing stickball and her love for the Brooklyn Dodgers eventually gained her acceptance by her classmates.
     Mrs. Remsey assigned this webpage creation as a project for us to design during our reading assignment. We are discovering so much about Jackie Robinson and ourselves while we compare the risks we often take to make things better. We are studying information and performing classroom activities concerning the Chinese culture, traditions and customs. We are making a Chinese calender; learning to write using Chinese lettering and characters; counting in Chinese; learning to use chopsticks; the meaning of the Chinese Zodiac and viewing many Chinese festivals.  We are cooking the food; dancing the dances; and attempting to sing the music)of our Chinese neighbors. We will include many activities, integrated units and resources for related independent reading at the conclusion of our lesson.
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