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How quickly time flies when we are having fun!!

3rd Quarter has many activities for students to prepare for.
1. Don't forget that your book report is due February 26/27.  If you haven't found a book to read yet, you had better get your act together because January is almost over.

2. Your essay: "What is the significance of recognizing our various cultures?" is due February 6/7.  The cover page must have your name, grade, school and teacher.  It must be double spaced, with 12 font and please Roman Times for your print. Do NOT use color or graphics.

3.  The first composition for the quarter was St. Augustine, Florida, an informative paper.

4.  We are also continuing our work with grammar.  We just covered action/linking verbs. We are now working on helping verbs. By the end of the quarter we will go over adverbs, prepositions, conjunctions, & interjections.  The students will be working on a group project to show their understanding of the Parts of Speech.
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Princeton Review #2
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