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bienvenue-bienvenido to mrs. larock's french and spanish class pages. we will visit here from time to time to access activities on the internet. cool, huh! most of the french sites are on this page. click on mrs. larock's spanish page to link to spanish sites. i have visited these sites and found them to be appropriate. please let me know if you find anything inappropriate. i must also remind you to ignore the advertisements. hope these sites are helpful.
My Quia activities and quizzes
allez viens 1 ch1
allez viens 1 ch 1
allez viens 1 ch 2
allez viens 1 chapitre 4 etape 1
ch 4-1 vocabulary
allez viens 1 ch4 review
ch 4 comment dit-on/vocab review
allez viens 1 ch5-1
cafe food and beverages
allez viens 1 ch6-2
allez viens 1 ch6-2
allez viens 1 ch6-1
allez viens ch 6 verbs/vocab
allez viens 2 ch1
ch 1 vocabulary
allez viens 2 ch2-2
furniture and rooms
allez viens 2 ch 2-3
directions and places in town
allez viens 2 ch2-1
allez viens 2 ch3-3
allez viens2 ch3-3 gifts/wishes
av2 ch2-3
places in town and descriptions
bon voyage chapitre 1
Future verbs
identite personelle
la semaine
le calendrier
Numbers 1-60
Basic review
Useful links
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