Mrs. Christiancy's Social Studies
Moore Middle School Sixth Grade Teacher
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From the LPS 6th Grade Curriculum guide: The content of the sixth-grade social studies curriculum rests on the belief that world history is best understood as a unified chronology in which humankind as a whole has a story to be investigated. Lessons emphasize the connectedness of civilizations and the larger patterns of historical significance that emerge from a lens not limited to a study of various “cultures.” Objectives provide multiple opportunities for students to investigate maps and timelines, to apply historical thinking and close reading skills, and to engage in content-driven research and inquiry. Lesson procedures include suggestions for cooperative learning structures, emphasis on formative process, and an integrated approach to technology.

Standard 1 - Introduction to Big History & Historical Thinking
Standard 2 -- Foundations of Human History: What was life like for the earliest humans? What does early world history tell us about what it means to be human?
Standard 3: The Rise of the Earliest Human Communities (Neolithic Revolution) What contributes to the development of a civilization? What were the consequences of agriculture/early agricultural societies?
Standard 4: The Spread of the Agricultural Revolution How and why did agricultural communities spread? How did early communities interact with each other?
Standard 5: The River Valley Civilizations of Mesopotamia, Egypt, & the Indus Valley. What were similarities and differences between the complex societies that originated in Afroeurasia between about 4000 and 1500 BCE?
Standard 6: Migrations Across Afroeurasia – What were the causes and effects of migrations from 2000-1000 BCE?
Standard 7: Early Societies in Americas – What was life like in early complex American societies? How did early complex American and Afroeurasian societies compare?
Civic Action and Research Project (Completed in Language Arts)
Standard 8: Expanding Networks & Exchange Encounter: What was life like in the Empires during this era (1200 BCE to 300 CE)
Standard 9: The Rise & Fall of the Han, Persian, and Roman Empire: What characteristics defined "empire" during this era?

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