learningdifference Mrs. M, Mrs. McCormick
Ocoee Elementary School Exceptional Education Specialist
Hi students please read the following requirements for 10/8-10/13.

One FCAT short answer response to question 1C on page 15 in your Reading coach book.
That means five complete sentences one paragraph using the information in the story we read.

One FCAT long answer response on question 1D on page 15 in your Reading Coach Book.  That means 15 complete sentences, three paragraphs.


Journal assignments:
How do I think I did on my report card and why.  Ten complete sentences remember to use the C.O.P.S strategy to check you work.

Assignments Week of 10/16 to 10/20


*Spelling Definitions Lesson 6
*Spelling Words five times each
*Spelling words ABC order
*Journal "How do you feel about your grades?"
What can you do better?  How can you improve?
10 sentences
Word of the week "acknowledge"
Noun sheet plurals pg. 17,18
Noun sheet pg.7,8 Specific nouns
Reading Comp sheet Pg. 32-33


Lesson 6 Spelling book All pages
Word of the week in a sentence
Peabody Lab
Reading Comp Sheet pg. 34-35
Noun Sheet pg. 21-22

Wednesday  Regular class

Journal reflections from the book read in class
Noun sheet corrections plurals
Spelling Pretest
Word of week in a sentence.
Useful links
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