learningtools Ms. Lipkowitz
Lyles-Crouch Traditional Academy Teacher
                                  Learning Tools Gazette 

                                        June 27, 2001

                                 Summer Vacation Edition

      Hope you really enjoy your summer vacation this year to the fullest and have plenty of  fun.  Remember to get a lot or rest.  Eat, read, study and relax luxuriously.   Do all the good things for yourself you can to be ready to start the new school year  2001-2002 in grand style.     

       Remember,  like the players on a baseball team, we all need to be ready for the big game of life, everyday.

        We all know that means each player needs to be prepared to make  smart decisions and  good plays throughout the game.
                               Message from the Coach

     You need good tools to do a  good job.  Your toolbox must be ready and you must work efficiently to win.   Take good care of your mind and your body.

                              Let the summer games begin!  

       The challenges you will face will test your strength, endurance, clear thinking and courage to survive and create a wonderful future for yourself.  Remember, we are all winners learning to work together to build a winning team.  

        Because you successfully completed your classes,  you're good and ready to shine.  Keep your skills sharpened and practice strategies for success in your daily life.   Use knowledge when you can and learning when you need more

      The Virginia Standards of Learning Tests are finished now.  The links listed at the end are not only interesting and entertaining, but also are opportunities to enrich and expand your knowledge and experiences the stamdards provide.

                                Student Training Schedule

                 Word Works Workout

                          Ideas Get  the Job Done
                                        Signs of Success

                                                    Habits to Build On

             Behave and be safe!                      See you soon!    

                                         Best Wishes!   
                                         Ms. Lip
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