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Lake Orion High School Captians are....Katie Falls, Danielle Monroe, and Cassie Brown....GO GIRLS!!!!
So far the Dragons have had a GREAAAAATTTTT season...
all 3 meets have been won and now we are moving on to the tougher teams.  This week we go against Berkly and we're going to kick some major BUTT!!!!  Lake Orion Swimming and Diving ROCKS.... Come see us, at the meet on Thursday at Berkly High... all meets are at 6:30 pm. We'll see you their...


1. Christine Barnard    10th Swimmer
2. Emily Bartoni        11th Swimmer
3. Erin Brady           11th Swimmer
4. Cassie Brown         12th Diver
5. Sarah Brown          11th Diver
6. Rosemary Brutto       9th Swimmer
7. Allison Cook         10th Swimmer
8. Nikki Collette        9th Swimmer
9. Sarah Cudnohufsky     9th Swimmer
10. Emily Dec           10th Swimmer
11. Katie Dehn          11th Swimmer
12. Katie Falls         12th Swimmer     
13. Carly Fisher         9th Diver
14. Lizzy Galvan         9th Swimmer
15. Jenn Geare          10th Swimmer
16. Steph Geare         10th Swimmer
17. Justine Haddril     10th Diver
18. Kristen Hanchin     11th Diver
19. Amanda Kaltner       9th Swimmer
20. Katheryn Kanze      11th Swimmer
21. Heather Kline        9th Swimmer
22. Cathy Kimmel        11th Swimmer
23. Krista Koehs         9th Diver
24. Janna Konstacky     10th Swimmer
25. Nicole Kyle         10th Swimmer
26. Lauren LeBrun       10th Swimmer
27. Megan Levine        11th Swimmer
28. Lindsay Lohr        12th Swimmer
29. Allison Lucy        11th Swimmer
30. Kaitlin Malone       9th Swimmer
31. Missy McMillian     10th Diver
32. Sarah Michienzi      9th Swimmer
33. Rachel Miller       11th Swimmer
34. Kisha Miracle       10th Swimmer
35. Trisha Miracle      10th Swimmer
36. Danielle Monroe     11th Swimmer    
37. Erin Palmer         11th Swimmer
38. Jenn Perkins        12th Swimmer
39. Erinn Pegan         10th Swimmer
40. Liz Preston         10th Swimmer
41. Katie Reek          11th Swimmer
42. Elizabeth Roesch    12th Swimmer
43. Katherine Roesch    10th Swimmer
44. Candida Roper       11th Swimmer
45. Angel Rossi          9th Swimmer
46. Jessica Salk        11th Swimmer
47. Becky Sherman       11th Swimmer
48. Danielle Sirekis    10th Swimmer
49. Caroline Swierszczyk 9th Swimmer
50. Kerri Turner        11th Diver
51. Christine Valka      9th Diver
52. Michelle Valka      11th Diver
53. Chelsea Van Fossen  10th Swimmer
54. Elizabeth Wieland   10th Swimmer
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