S.T.E.M. @ Goshen Middle School
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S.T.E.M. @ Goshen Middle School

Science - Technology - Engineering - Math

What's happening now? What's the plan for the future?

Quarter 1:
  • Researched, planned, and constructed raised garden beds, an ornamental garden area (plan on being a perennial garden area), tumbling compost bin, and a worm composter.
  • Students planned, organized, and hosted "The Country Shuffle." This dance raised over $700.00 for the class projects.
  • Students researched and wrote about various STEM careers.

  • Quarter 2:
  • Researched and planned drip-irrigation systems, rain barrels, and indoor greenhouses.
  • Students planned, organized, and hosted the "Chocolate Ball." Students raised around $230.00 net profit. These funds allowed us to purchase a rain barrel, 2 drip irrigation kits, heat lights, etc.
  • We received a funded project on Donors Choose that allowed us to purchase and construct 3 indoor greenhouses.
  • Students researched and wrote about various STEM careers.

  • Quarter 3: We are now focusing on alternative energy! We will learn about solar power, wind power, bio mass, and more. Stay tuned!


    Disney funded 50% of our Donorschoose.org project! That is around $450.00!!! With Disney and the other wonderful supporters who believed in our mission, we were able to purchase garden tools, solar racer kits, wind energy kits, 3 indoor greenhouses, soil test kits, and more! Without people who support and believe in education getting this funding would not have been possible.


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