lyrics Mrs. Kahn
Holliston High School Strategies 10 instructor
Each student in Mrs. Kahn’s Strategies class will be responsible for completing a lyrical project.  For the one song you have selected, you will write an analysis that will include the following components.

1. A one-page biography of the writer(s) of your song: Where do they come from?  How did they get started in the music business?  Discuss some of their big successes. Does their music support a particular theme or style?  Are these themes universal or do they attract a particular audience. Include any information that you think is important. Information about your singer or group can be found on the Internet.  Check the websites listed below to locate this data. Your bio page is to be typed in a 12 font and double-spaced. 
2. A lyrical outline to include the six elements of the short story.  I will provide the graphic organizer, which you will complete.  This will assist you in writing your actual paper.
3. A lyrical analysis of your song: Using the information on your outline, write a summary of what the lyrics say to the listener (summarize in your own words). 
· Do the words tell a story? 
· Is there a universal message the writer is trying to get across?
· What mood is created by the lyrics?
· Does the music add anything to the lyrics or would they be just as powerful without the music?
· Who is telling the story and is that person addressing a particular group of people?  Who do your think would listen to the words in this song?  Does it have universal appeal, or does it address a specific audience?
· Are the lyrics ambiguous and open for different interpretations or are they pretty cut-and-dry?  Are the words important and can you relate to the words?  In other words, does this song have any special meaning for you?
Use the analysis of Desperate People (it’s in your folder) to assist you with the organization of your own paper.  This paper should be at least 1-1/2 to 2 pages long, double-spaced, size 12 font.
4. You will create a visual image to accompany the song you selected.  You can use
computer graphics (see websites listed to locate pictures of your celebrities), pictures from magazines, freehand drawings or any combination of these to transform the lyrics into a visual image.  Be creative!
5. Presentation-Students will have an opportunity to share their lyrics, lyric analysis
And visual image, as well as the song itself with the rest of the class.  The presentations will include the following:
· Read the lyrics to the class
· Share your lyrical analysis and your visual image with the class
· Play the song for the class.

6.   A copy of your song lyrics (use the websites provided below to find your favorite song lyrics.)

Good luck and have fun with this project!
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