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Here are some activities to help with your Italian work. Click on the activity your teacher asks you to.

Buona Fortuna!

My Quia activities and quizzes
Italian: Review of Capitolo Uno
Italian: Review of Capitolo Due
Italian: Review of Capitolo 4
Italian: Asking the way
Italian: Dov'รจ? dialogue
Italian: Town / directions
Italian: Holiday
Italian: Verbi Irregolare
Essere and Avere
Italian: avere and essere battleships
Italian: Modal verbs
Italian: L'imperfetto
Italian for all occasions!
Verbi regolari - ARE verbs
Verbi regolari - ERE verbs
Verbi regolari - IRE verbs
Irregular Verbs Quiz - Italian
Italian: Possessivi challenge board
Una vacanza recente
Avere and Essere
La famiglia e i possessivi
Friends, Family and Relatives
Friends, Family and Relatives
Friends, Family and Relatives
Verbi regolari + essere & avere
Useful links
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