3rd Period
Coudersport Area Jr Sr High World History 7 and American History 8
Week of February 1st

Monday Students will complete the preview activity and read the introduction to the chapter. They will then get into pairs and decide where the best place to settle in ancient Greece would be. Students will then read and answer the questions in their notes. Homework: review notes covered in class.

Tuesday: Students will look at a political map and analyze it. They will then read and answer the questions that go along with the next 2 sections in their book. homework: review notes test Friday

Wednesday: Students will read the last section in their book and complete the last section of their notes.   Homework: study test Friday

Thursday: students will complete the reading challenge in class and then play a Kahoot review.

Friday: students will take the chapter 25 test.
My Quia activities and quizzes
TCI Chapter 1 Investigating the Past
TCI Chapter 2 Early Hominids
TCI Chapter 3 From Hunters and Gatherers to Farming
TCI Chapter 4 Rise of Sumerian City-States
TCI Chapter 5 Ancient Sumer
TCI Chapter 9 Daily Life in Ancient Egypt
TCi Chapter 24 The Silk Road
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