4th Period
Coudersport Jr Sr High World History 7 and American History 8
Week of February 27th

Monday: Students will finish up their worksheets on chapter 28 if not already done. They will then begin creating their project that compares and contrasts Athens and Sparta.

Tuesday: Students will work on their projects, they will be due a week from tomorrow.

Wednesday: Students will work on their projects. The projects will be due at the end of the period Wednesday March 8th.

Thursday:Students will have the period to work on their projects.

Friday: no school for students.
My Quia activities and quizzes
TCI Chapter 26 Rise of Democracy
TCI Chapter 26 Rise of Democracy - (copy)
TCI Chapter 25 Geography and Settlement of Ancient Greece - (copy)
TCI Chapter 26 Rise of Democracy - (copy) - (copy)
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