4th Period
Coudersport Jr Sr High World History 7 and American History 8
Week of September 24th

Monday: Students will work on finishing their commercials. They will need to upload the link to their commercial on the Google Classroom.

Tuesday: Students will post their own commercial, complete the Google form for their commercial. If time remains students will start viewing the commercials of their peers and completing a google form for each.

Wednesday: Students will read chapter 1 section 3 and complete fill in the blank notes that will be due Friday.

Thursday: Students will finish viewing the commercials and discussing how geography influenced culture.

Friday:Students will discuss chapter 1 section 3 and how trade linked Asia, Africa, and Europe and how it will eventually link with the Americas.

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AHON Chapter 1 Section 1
AHON Chapter 1 Section 1 - (copy)
Cultural Journey Quest
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