4th Period
Coudersport Jr Sr High World History 7 and American History 8
Week of September 19th

Monday:  Students will take Chapter 1 Test.

Tuesday:  Students will learn how to look at their test results and how to check their grades online. They will then complete the preview activity for chapter 2 and get their vocabulary assignment which is due Thursday. Homework: work on vocabulary.

Wednesday: Students will start chapter 2 notes. They will read the section in partners and then go over the section. They should be able to complete 2 sections. Homework: vocabulary due tomorrow.

Thursday: Students will turn in their vocabulary. They will then continue on with the next section.

Friday: Students will complete the last section and get the poster assignment on a hominid of their choice. Homework: work on poster due, Tuesday at the beginning of the period.
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TCI Chapter 1 Investigating the Past
TCI Chapter 1 Investigating the Past - (copy)
Chapter 1 TCI
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