Period 7 French 2 2017-2018
Le 13 juin
1. Tomorrow, Thursday will be the writing section of your final exam. 2. Friday, at 10:15 is the listening comprehension and read comprehension sections of the final exam.
C'est le 8 juin 2018
To get ready for the pacing on Tuesday watch the videos on the STRUCTURES on VHL - chapters 7 and 8.

Le 7 juin
Tomorrow you present your project.
C'est le 5 juin 2018
Send to me your presentation so that I can correct it by Thursday, our next class. You will present your apartments in interview format Friday.

C'est le 4 juin 2018
Tomorrow you will work on your presentation to the class (in the format of an interview ) for the apartment you are choosing in Paris. You will have time to find pictures to help you illustrate what it is that you like / don't like.

C'est le premier juin 2018
1. Use the grammar study guide to get ready for the pacing assessment on Tuesday, June 12.
2. For the final project JUST look at the two options based on chapter 7 and chapter 8. Monday in class we will discuss it.
C'est le 30 mai 2018
1. Tomorrow will be the listening comprehension and the speaking section for 8B.

C'est le 29 mai 2018
1. Tomorrow is the structures section of the test for 8B on the passé composé and the imparfait. Use the corrected quiz you got back today and listen to the videos on VHL. You will also need to distinguish between SAVOIR and COONAÎTRE. Again listen to the video and review your corrected worksheet and quiz.
2. The reading selection is based on the 8B vocabularu.
3, The listening/writing sections will be on Thursday.

C'est le 23 mai 2018
1.Friday is the BIG passé composé vs. imparfait quiz. To do well I first recommend that you go back to VHL and watch the videos Structures 8A.1 and 8A.2 and 8B.1.
2.Now do the two QUIA quizzes #2 and #3. You will be able to see the correct answers.
3. Review your corrected homework.
4. Use the QUIZLETS at USEFUL LINK #35.

Le 22mai
Complete both sides of the worksheet on the passé composé and the imparfait.
C'est le 21 mai 2018
1. Finish BOTH sides of the worksheet we started in class today.

C'est le 18 mai 2018
1. Return to VHL and finish the exercises you started in the lab today 8B.1 on distinguishing the passé composé from the imparfait. I recommend that you watch the video again.

C'est le 17 mai 2018
1. Read the story one more time outloud, slowly and trying to pronounce the words correctly.
2. Complete the activity sheet that goes with this reading.

C'est le 16 mai 2018
1. Go to VHL and watch at least 3 times the video for 8B roman-photo La vie sans Pascal. Pronounce the words after the speakers. Do the assigned activity.

C'est le 15 mai 2018
1. Tomorrow is the quiz with BOTH verbs that mean to know (but in different ways) SAVOIR and connaître. Use your corrected work to get ready and watch one more time the video on VHL.

C'est le 11 mai 2018
1. Please go to VHL 8B and watch the video for STRUCTURES 8B putting together savoir and connaître. Please do the indicated exercises. Then to make sure you really know how to distinguish these two verbs that both mean to know in English but mean to know in different ways in French do QUIA QUIZ #1.

C'est le 10 mai 2018
1. Concentrate tonight on side 2 - connaître - and then do the QUIA QUIZ #9. Tomorrow there will be a little quiz like the one today on savoir so please study the information on side 2.

C'est le 9 mai 2018
1. Please READ side one on the verb SAVOIR and YES there will be a quiz on it. How to conjugate it in the present tense and how it changes meaning in the passé composé AND when to use it.

2. Do the QUIA QUIZ #8 for practice!

C'est le 8 mai 2018
Quiz tomorrow on the vocabulary on les tâches ménagères 8B.

C'est le 7 mai 2018
1Return to VHL to COMPLETE the indicated exercises on the vocabulary for 8B: les tâches ménagères. 2. The QUIZ on these chores in French will be Wednesday so use the QUIZLETS some more.

C'est le 3 mai 2018
1. Return to VHL and practice some more les tâches ménagères and do the first indicated activity. Please use the 8B quizlet flashcards at useful link #33.

C'est le premier mai 2018
Finish writing the answers to the questions on the household chores.

C'est le 30 avril 2018
1. PLEASE go to 8B on VHL and at the bottom of the drop down menu go to Vocabulary. Then on the right first click on to the list and listen to each of the vocabulary words on household tasks (les tâches ménagères). Now use the QUIZLETS at USEFUL LINK #33.

C'est le 27 avril 2018
1. Study the pictures of the household chores and use the QUIZLETS at USEFUL LINK #33 to help you.

C'est le 26 avril 2018
Tomorrow is the last section of 8A TEST: writing. Review the vocabulary of the chapter and the passé composé vs. imparfait.

C'est le 25 avril 2018
Tomorrow's test is the Speaking section and the grammar section. Review ALL the vocabulary for 8A and the passé composé vs. imparfait.
Use the videos on VHL for 8A

C'est le 24 avril 2018
Tomorrow is the Listening/Reading comprehension for chapter 8A. I recommend that you use the quizlets at useful link #30, use the video presentations for the contextes (vocabulary) on VHL 8A and review your corrected activity sheet and vocab quiz to be ready for tomorrow.

C'est le 23 avril 2018
1. For some reason I can't assign the FLASH CULTURE 8A on VHL. If you can just go to this activity and watch the video and just do the first exercise underneath I would appreciate it.
2. Tomorrow we will REVIEW for the chapter 8A test!!!!!! Note the change in dates below. Tonight you should review all the 8A vocabulary and your worksheets. You can also start reviewing the grammar with the tutorial videos.
C'est le 19 avril 2018
1 With the quiz you took today we have come to the end of 8A. So we are going to get ready for the 8A test next week. To do so please watch with the subtitles the Roman-photo at 8A several times. If you don't understand something click on the English subtitles. Then complete the indicated exercices.
2. Chapter 8A TEST Part 1 April 25 : listening and reading/vocabulary Part 2 Aruil 26: structures, writing and speaking.

C'est le 18 avril 2018
Tomorrow is the real quiz on the passé composé and the imparfait verb tenses. I recommend that you listen again to the videos on VHL 8A and then PLEASE SO the 2 quia quizzes #6 and #7. Remember that you can see the answers after taking the quia quizzes!!!!!
C'est le 17 avril 2018
Complete the pre-quiz on the passé composé and the imparfait that you started in class today.

C'est le 16 avril 2018
1. Go to VHL and to Leçon 8A.2 and listen to the video on passé composé vs imparfait part 2. Then try to do the indicated exercices.

C'est le 3 avril 2018
1. Please read thoughtfully the explanation sheet you received in class today for the uses of the passé composé and the imparfait. Now go to VHL and watch the video for 8A.1 Structure on these two past tenses. Try to do the 2 indicated activities.

C'est aujourd'hui le 27 mars 2018
1. QUIZ Thursday on the first group of new words on LA MAISON: group #1 at useful link #30.
2. Read the article Le logement en France and highlight the new words. Use the QUIZLETS at useful link #32 to help you.
3. Finally go to VHL and do the one indicated exercise on housing in France VRAI ou FAUX.

C'est aujourd'hui le 26 mars 2018
1. Study on the vocabulary list you received in class today Column #1 Les parties d'une maison et Column #2 Chez soi. Complete the rest of the exercises in VHL for 8A CONTEXTES that you started in the lab today.

C'est aujourd'hui le 23 mars 2018
1. Study both sides of the copy you received in class today with the house and related vocabulary. Use the QUIZLET flashcards at useful link #30 to help you learn the new words.

C'est aujourd'hui le 19 mars 2018
Thursday will be the 2nd half of the chapter test. You need to review 1/passé composé with être, direct object pronouns, adverbs and l'imparfait. You can start by watching the videos again.

C'est aujourd'hui le 16 mars 2018
Monday is part 1 of the chapter 7A&B Test and it is on the listening comprehension and vocabulary. So you need to use VHL vocavulary flashcards located at the bottom of 7B activities on the left side. Click on and then on the right you will see the flashcards, I also recommend that you go back to the pictures for the CONTEXTES as well as using the QUIZLETS below in USEFUL LINKS. Wednesday will be the structures: 1/passé composé with être, direct object pronouns, adverbs and l'imparfait. You can start by watching the videos again.

C'est aujourd'hui le 15 mars 2018
1. Read the first reading: Les français et les vacances and highlight the vocabulary you don't know. Look these words up and write the definitions in your notebook.
2. Complete the exercise on this reading on VHL.

C'est aujourd'hui le 14 mars 2018
1. Go to VHL and watch several times with the French subtitles the 7B Roman-photo . Then do the indicated exercises.
Tomorrow you will get back the quiz on the l'imparfait and we will begin the review for the chapter 7 TEST, which will be given in 2 parts. Part I (listening comprehension and reading) will be Monday, March 19 and the grammar (structures), vocabulary and writing will be Wednesday, March 21.

C'est aujourd'hui le 12 mars 2018
1. Complete the rest of the exercises on the IMPARFAIT and then do the QUIA QUIZ #5.
2. Before the QUIZ on forming the imperfect tense and knowing how it is translated into English we will correct the rest of the worksheet.
3. If you did NOT do the VHL exercises at 7B.2 please do them and I will accept the late work.

C'est aujourd'hui le 6 mars 2018
Go to VHL and complete the rest of the indicated activities 7B Structures: Imparfait.

C'est aujourd'hui le 5 mars 2018
1. Review from the informational sheet how to form the imperfect tense and when it is used.
2. Now do the QUIZLETS at USEFUL LINK #28.

C'est aujourd'hui le 2 mars 2018
Read the informational sheet I gave you in the lab about the imperfect tense. Watch the video 7B structures - imparfect again. Try to do the first 2 indicated exercises.
C'est aujourd'hui le premier mars 2018
1, If you did not finish the VHL activities on the adverbs please do so tonight. Tomorrow will be a small quiz knowing the adverbs!

C'est aujourd'hui le 28 février 2018
Because the whole word was NOT erased the only homework assignment is to go to USEFUL LINK #26 and #27 and spend 15-20 minutes memorizing the adverbs and knowing what they mean in English!!! Make a test for yourself! There will be a REAL quiz on this FRIDAY.

C'est aujourd'hui le 27 février 2018
Bravo! Vous n'avez pas de devoirs pour demain!!!!! C'est aujourd'hui le 14 février 2018
If you need more time to watch the VHL 7B.1 Tutorial on adverbs you can do so tonight. Remenber you are TAKING notes on this part of speech!

C'est aujourd'hui le 12 février 2018
1. Review each of the steps #1, #2, and #3 for the placement od direcr object pronouns. Now do the FINAL QUIA QUIZ #4 to get ready for tomorrow's quiz on direct object pronouns.

C'est aujourd'hui le 8 février 2018
1. Go to VHL 7A.1 and watch the video again on the direct object pronouns and complete the indicated exercises for tomorrow.

C'est aujourd'hui le 7 février 2018
Use your worksheets to take QUIA QUIZ #3. You are identifying the direct object and then you are rewriting the sentence with the correct d.o. pronoun and you need to put the pronoun in the correct postion.

C'est aujourd'hui le 5 février 2018
1.Look over your notes on the direct object pronouns and study both sides of the explanation/worksheet you received in class today. I would like you to go to VHL and watch the video 7A.1 on this STRUCTURE. He goes into greater detail than I did today BUT I am going to give this material to you in steps. OK?
2. Now try to do the QUIA QUIZ #1. Remember that after you submit your results you see the right answers so you can redo the quiz to get a 100%!!!

C'est aujourd'hui le 2 février 2018
If you did not finish writing about your hotel in Paris you can do so for Monday.

le premier février
1. Tomorrow is the quiz on the vocabulary for 7B.
2. Go back to USEFUL LINK #25 and choose your hotel in Paris.

C'est aujourd'hui le 31 janvier 2018
Use the QUIZLETS for the vocabulary 7A to study. Friday is the quiz.

C'est aujourd'hui le 30 janvier 2018
1. First review the 7B vocabulary with the QUIZLETS (useful link #24).
2. use your vocabulary sheet to complete the worksheet on vocabulary 7B.
C'est aujourd'hui le 29 janvier 2018
Allez sur VHL et faites tous les exercices indiqués pour Leçon 7B contextes.

C'est aujourd'hui le 25 janvier 2018
Reposez-vous ce week-end!

C'est aujourd'hui le 24 janvier 2018
Go to useful link#23 and redo the dialogue we did in class today. Redo the questions we did in class. Now click on the Révision and listen/read aboyt Victor Hugo. Do the exercises.
My Quia activities and quizzes
le 11 février : savoir vs connaître
le 24 janvier :Le passé composé ou l'imparfait #2
le 24 janvier Le passé composé ou l'imparfait #1
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