VA/US History At Home
Central High School of Lunenburg  
Welcome to your class web page.  I will list all of your assignments on this page for you to complete.  If you utilize the site mindfully, then you WILL be successful in this class and pass the SOL too!  I look forward to teaching you! 

Mrs. Johnson

4.  Take SOL 8-12 Test with teacher present.

SOL 13 Assignments
1.  Play SOL 13 Games for 30 minutes-graded.
2.  Study SOL 13 Notes.(THIS IS WHERE WE ARE IN CLASS ON 4/22)
3.  Take SOL 13 Quiz with teacher present.
4.  Take SOL 8-13 Test with teacher present. 

SOL 14 Assignments
1.  Play SOL 14 Games for 30 Minutes-graded!
2.  Study SOL 14 Notes!
3.  Take SOL 14 Quiz with teacher present.
4.  Take SOL 8-14 Test with teacher present.

SOL 15
1.  Play SOL 15 Games for 30 Minutes-Graded.
2.  Study SOL 15 Notes.
3.  Take SOL 15 Quiz with teacher present.
4.  Take SOL 8-15 Test with teacher present.

SOL REVIEW/Exam-Graded!
1.  Play SOL Review Games for one hour-graded!
2.  Take practice exams with teacher present so that she can email me your results.
3.  Take SOL when school designates and PASS IT PLEASE!  : )
4.  Take FINAL EXAM when school designates.  You will have to take this at school on I Test.  Please make arrangements with Mrs. Powers in guidance to do so.  This exam is 25% of your grade.  If you pass the SOL, then you will have the option of choosing Exam Grade for Part I of the exam  or Exam Grade for Part II of the exam as your final exam grade.  If you fail the SOL, you will have to take both parts and I will average them for your final exam grade.

These are all of the assignments.  I cut the last SOL's short, so please pay close attention when you are playing the games to get the most out of them!
My Quia activities and quizzes
Civil Rights Battleship
Korean War
Meet Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.
SOL 12/13/14 board
SOL 13 QUIZ Review
SOL 13A Hangman
SOL13 and 14: Yippee! :)
US/VA: SOL 13 and 14 Rag To Riches
Vietnam War
SOL 15: Reagan,Technology, and Terror
SOL 15 A- C
SOL 15 Battle Ship
SOL 15 Hangman
SOL 15 Review
VUS.15a; Role of the Supreme Court (practice quiz)
2011 Cold War Quiz
SOL 14-15 QUIZ
SOL 13, 14, 15 Final Test!
Category I: SOL REVIEW
Category I Review Board
Category III Review
Category IV Review
Category IV Review
SOL 2-5 Benchmark Challenge Board
SOL Packet Review
SOL Review: Who said that?
SOL Review: American Wars
SOL Review: Cases, Laws and Policies
S.O.L. Review Challenge Board
SOL Review: Era Challenge
SOL Review III
SOL Review: Who am I?
US/VA Continual SOL Challenge
SOL 11-12 QUIZ
2013 Final US History Exam
Useful links
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