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My Quia activities and quizzes
Italian: Basic Words and Phrases
Italian: Colors
Italian: Numeri 1-1000
Italian Hangman - Family Members
Italian - Eating, Drinking
Italian: What's in the PASTA?
Italian: The Body
Italian: La Scuola
Italian: Avere, Essere and Stare
Italian: Parts of the Body
Italian:Avere, Essere and Stare
Italian: Verbs - Regular ARE verbs
Italian: Il Verbo Essere
Italian: Subject Pronouns and the Verb Essere
Italian: Buon/Bello
Italian: Espressioni Con Avere
Italian: Prepositions
Italian: House Vocabulary
Italian: Present Tense Irregular Verbs
Italian: Present Tense "To Leave"
Italian: Avere (To Have)
Italian: Irregular Verbs (present tense) Stare
Italian Present Tense ~ Parlare
Italian Expressions
Italian: Telling the Time
Italian: Expressions Part 2
Italian: Past Participle
Italian: Past Participle (Irregular)
Italian: Expressions Part 3
Italian: Interrogative Pronouns
Italian: Present Perfect “avere” Verbs Parlare, Sapere
Italian: Verbs with Essere
Italian Future Tense ~ Avere (to have)
Italian: Future Tense ~ Essere (to be)
Italian: Modal Verbs ~ Potere
Italian: Modal Verbs ~ Volere (to want)
Italian:Expressions in Italian Part 4
Italian Verbs
Italian: Italian Gerund ~ Present Continuous, Past Continuous
Italian: Fruit
Italian Internet/Computer Phrases
Italian: imparare~to learn; memorize
Italian: parlare: to speak, to talk
Italian: Cooking Terms and Techniques / Le Tecniche ed I Termini Culinari
Italian: Home Furnishings / L'Arredamento da Casa
Italian: La famiglia e i possessivi
Italian: Passato Prossimo Quiz
Italian: SUBJECT PRONOUNS/VERBS (fare,avere,essere,parlare)
Italian: andare
Italian: Present Tense Regular -are infinitive practice
Italian: ERE and IRE verbs
Italiano verbi modali "dovere, potere, volere"
Italiano Congiuntivo presente regolare e irregolare
Italian: Gli Articoli Determinativi
Italian: l'imperfetto
Italian: La verdura (Vegetables)
Italian: Andare, Dare and Fare
Science 3D: Article: "The Digestive Process Begins"
Math: Gear Ratio Exploration
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