Basic Math Review
Lisha Kill Middle School Lisha Kill Middle School, Grade 6
Use this site to review your basic Math facts!
My Quia activities and quizzes
Addition Facts 1
Addition Facts 2
Addition Facts 3
Addition Facts 4
Addition Facts 5
Addition Facts 6
Addition Facts 7
Addition Facts 8
Addition Facts 9
Addition Facts Review 1 - 9
Addition Fact Battle Ship
Math: "Rounding Whole Numbers"
Math: Addition and Subtraction Facts (20)
Math: Additon Facts
Math: Basic Facts (Addition)
Math: Basic Facts Subtraction
Math: Divisibility Rules
Math: Multiplication Basic Facts (Through 12)
Math: Multiplication Facts
Math: Multiplication Facts (30 facts)
Multiplication Tables
Test: Multiply by 12
Test: Multiply by 9
Test: Multiply by 8
Test: Multiply by 6
Basic Division Fluency - Families 0-9
Division Quiz
Science 3D: Article: "The Digestive Process Begins"
Math: Gear Ratio Exploration
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