Korean Placement Test
The George Washington University  

Welcome to the placement test website for the Korean program at George Washington University. The self-administered placement tests offer rough diagnostic reference for those who have studied Korean for at least one to four semesters or with equivalent proficiency. The tests are designed to evaluate not only vocabulary and grammar but also listening and writing skills and the students are expected to know how to type in Korean.

The following instructions must be followed when taking the tests:

1. Students with 1-2 semesters of Korean studying, please take the placement test KORPlacement_BEG.  Students with more than 2 semesters of Korean studying, please take the placement test KORPlacement_INTERMIDEATE.

2. The tests are timed for 2 hours so be sure to finish within the two hour period.

3. The test must be done in one sitting as it cannot be saved to come back later.

4. Students are not allowed to get help from dictionary, grammar books or anyone.

5. Upon completion of the test, please send an email to Prof. Pak at pakm@gwu.edu with the email subject "Placement test completion" and include the following information in the body of the email: Name, GWID, School of GW, Year (Freshman, Sophomore, etc. ) and email address. 

Look forward to seeing you in class!
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