mr123 nigel
Masters student
When I came home, I heard on television about the suburban massacre in Littleton, Colorado.  I thought we had safety in our schools, but when two boys in trench coats with ski masks sieged columbine high school 15 confirmed fatalities 45 wounded.  They wore nazi symbols on shoulders of their trench coats to represent they hate other ethnic groups.  We should all try our best to do something about this situation and prevent it from happening again.  
School violence happens because children want to be safe, so they join gangs, calts, and klans to protect themselves. Then the gangs hate the other groups.  I feel that if you don’t have any friends you are listening to rap that has cursive language or telling that they have a dog as a woman.  And or listening to “Marilyn Manson.” Then that is why violence accurse in schools today.
There is a large number of school shootings that are boys.  The reason is that when adults say to the young girls “That is a boy movie, let us go see a Disney movie.” Then let the boys see that same movie about shooting and killing. The boys in their own life don’t know how to explain their feelings. The feelings build up and up that they can not take it any more. Then the boys look in the past and see that’s how the Terminator solved their problems, by killing people.
I think that the Americans can make stiffer laws in how old you can be to get weapons. Like you haft to be twenty-three to get a gun and band exsposives devises.
I agree on the statement “It is not enough to take the weapons out of the children’s hands. We must remove the weapons out of their harts.” Because if you take the weapons out of their harts it won’t stay. I know that Jesus will do it for them if they ask.
It can happen in any school in North America. That is why we should be careful for our children. We should stop this at once. Our children is in your hand.
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